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DigiSmart™ E-Z Link Controller

E-Z Link ControllerDL01E

The DigiSmart™ E-Z Link Controller uses 115V and communicates via antenna to each Amana brand DigiSmart PTAC equipped with a gateway antenna. All of the DigiSmart suite of products linked to a DigiSmart PTAC can be monitored, controlled, and upgraded easily through the DigiSmart wireless network.

All functions are accessed through a secure and unique website for each location, which provides control of the DigiSmart Energy Management System from any Internet-connected computer.

The controller comes with the ability to connect to property management systems to monitor room rental status. Not all software supported.

For more information please call: 1-800-647-2982

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  • Support for 170 rooms with PTAC radios

  • Network-configurable so multiple gateways can be used for larger hotels

  • Enables all radios (including PTAC radios), thermostats and occupancy sensors to be upgraded over the air

  • Ability to send reports and other information to remote servers over the Internet

  • Supports certain front-desk programs connecting through an external serial port