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Customizable Wood Lockers

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GearBoss by Wenger
555 Park Drive
P.O. Box 448
Owatonna, MN 55060
Tel: (800) 493-6437
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Customizable Wood Lockers

Create the ultimate team locker room with custom sizes, colors and wood finishes

It's the new locker system that comes with built-in motivation. This spectacular new GearBoss design is everything you need to make a statement to every player and every recruit. Coaches will love how these lockers make it easy to apply your school colors and logo. Equipment managers will love how the open design promotes continuous airflow and easy cleaning to keep the entire team room in tip-top shape. Wenger will work closely with you to make sure your new GearBoss athletic lockers fulfill your vision.

The GearBoss® Advantage

  • A better design for Team Rooms that work better
  • For Team Rooms that inspire
  • Your ideas and our engineering create signature Team Rooms.
  • Improved ventilation and sanitation


The ultimate team-building environment, combining unparalleled construction and high-end custom aesthetics with a new level of cleanliness.

  • Modularity means you can make unlikely replacements without breaking glues, dowels, or adjacent components
  • Integrated bench seating eliminates the need for floor-mounted benches or folding chairs, saving valuable floor space
  • Open design promotes airflow to encourage drying and reduce mildew and odor buildup and can be enhanced with optional fans
  • Highly durable 3/4" (1.64 cm) thermofused composite wood core built to survive repeated rugged use in hardcore environments
  • Closed-cell structure poly-laminate surfaces are easier to clean and more durable than wood veneer
  • Antimicrobial laminates use nano-silver technology that lasts the life of the product and creates a hostile, lethal surface for bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew
  • 5/8" laminated wood shelf and hinged seat
  • Heavy-duty PVC edge banding maintains the integrity of the laminate surface and prevents chipping and separation
  • Long-lasting bolt-through construction on connections, hooks, and doors
  • Widths available in 2" (5 cm) increments from 18" (46cm) to 36" (91cm)
  • Three available side shape configurations: contour, cutback, and straight
  • Top cubby storage
  • Through bolting to connect side-by-side units allows easy removal of a single locker
  • Steel base mounting fixture provides natural ventilation and height adjustment to compensate for uneven floors


Optional accessories include lockable cubby; additional storage cubbies; football helmet and shoulder pad topper; fans for topper; full electronics, including lighted name plate and duplex outlet; programmable digital lock; footlocker drying racks; backlit footlocker fans; hooks and garment bar configurations; more than one thousand ultimate configurations and the ability to match the entire system to your school's colors and branding.

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