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With minimal partitioning, metal fabrics offer permanent or removable contemporary solutions.

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Applications - Mesh Partitions

Creating spaces that are both highly functional and pleasant to inhabit can be a challenge. But it’s a challenge GKD Metal Fabrics has met, time and again.

GKD’s metal wire mesh partition solutions enable the design and creation of isolated spaces through the use of tightly woven designs. Or through use of our more open weaves, we can create open, free-feeling spaces. From restaurants to elevator cab interiors to opera houses, GKD has done it all.

No matter the space problem, the expert team at GKD Metal Fabrics can tailor a solution to make the most of the space available.

GKD Metal Fabrics believes that there is no substitute for extraordinary design. Our flexible woven metal fabrics provide indisputable technical, aesthetic and environmentally responsible solutions to any building’s exterior and interior.

GKD’s mesh products are used in a vast range of architectural applications. From ceilings, walls, and column coverings to intricate facades with etched graphics, GKD Metal Fabrics has extensive experience in all facets of architectural metal mesh design and installation. Our innovative manufacturing heritage has benefited customers time and again with our know-how in determining and delivering the absolute best metal mesh fabric solutions for any need or structure.

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