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Mediamesh® flawlessly melds woven metal’s transparency and flexibility with the high definition technology of integrated LED profile in a non-structural communication medium.

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Applications - Mediamesh®

GKD Metal Fabrics' Mediamesh® is a stainless-steel wire mesh with LED lights interwoven to transform any building into a dynamic, vivid communication experience. Easily installed over any building surface, this stainless-steel mesh fabric is ideal for large scale applications and can cover four times the surface area of traditional billboards with as much as 80% less electricity. And with up to 60% transparency, this mesh allows natural daylighting and ventilation to reach the building’s surface.

Constructed of T316 series stainless steel metal fabric, Mediamesh® features the fundamental qualities of woven metal - durability, aesthetics, transparency, flexibility, security - but with unprecedented artistic and communicative capabilities.

Mediamesh is protected under patent 7,513,644 B2. Other patents may apply.

GKD Metal Fabrics believes that there is no substitute for extraordinary design. Our flexible woven metal fabrics provide indisputable technical, aesthetic and environmentally responsible solutions to any building’s exterior and interior.

GKD’s mesh products are used in a vast range of architectural applications. From ceilings, walls, and column coverings to intricate facades with etched graphics, GKD Metal Fabrics has extensive experience in all facets of architectural metal mesh design and installation. Our innovative manufacturing heritage has benefited customers time and again with our know-how in determining and delivering the absolute best metal mesh fabric solutions for any need or structure.

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