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KOVARA® MBX SEAM TAPE is a specially formulated, highly aggressive one-sided pressure-sensitive tape.

Product use

KOVARA® MBX SEAM TAPE is a 2.5 in. wide tape used to cover seams between cuts of KOVARA® MBX. It is also used to secure KOVARA® MBX seams in areas where the membrane has been spliced to fit around floor monuments, columns, or poles.

KOVARA® MBX SEAM TAPE can be used over concrete slabs with a maximum relative humidity of 99.5% and maximum pH of 12.


Prior to application of KOVARA® MBX SEAM TAPE, all slab RH testing, pre-installation requirements, concrete substrate preparation, application of KOVARA® DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE and laying of KOVARA® MBX (including removal of release film from KOVARA® DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE) should be completed in accordance with the KOVARA® MBX product page installation guidelines on gcpat.com. NEVER OVERLAP SEAMS as it will potentially telegraph through the finished flooring and NEVER USE COMRESSION METHOD at any seams.

Complete the installation by setting KOVARA® MBX SEAM TAPE across the top of all side seams and cross seams. Maintain adequate tension on the tape when setting to minimize bubbling and wrinkling. Roll the seams with a hand roller or 75-100 pound resilient roller.

When splicing KOVARA® MBX to fit around floor monuments, columns, or poles, tape with KOVARA® MBX SEAM TAPE to secure the seams. Complete by rolling all seams with a hand roller or 75-100 pound resilient roller.

Sweep the KOVARA® MBX membrane to remove any installation debris, dust or dirt that may have accumulated during the application. Complete the finished flooring installation in accordance with all manufacturer guidelines.


Roll Size : 2.5 in. x 180 ft.
Roll Weight : 1.0 lb
Packaging : 12 rolls / carton

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