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KOVARA® 95 Seam Tape

KOVARA® 95 SEAM TAPE is a specially formulated, highly aggressive one-sided pressure-sensitive tape.

Product use

KOVARA® 95 SEAM TAPE is a 2 in. wide tape used to cover seams between cuts of KOVARA® 95. It is also used to secure KOVARA® 95 seams in areas where the membrane has been spliced to fit around floor monuments, columns, or poles.

KOVARA® 95 SEAM TAPE can be used over concrete slabs with a maximum relative humidity of 95% and maximum pH of 12.


Prior to application of KOVARA® 95 SEAM TAPE, all slab RH testing, pre-installation requirements, concrete substrate preparation, and laying of KOVARA® 95 should be completed in accordance with the KOVARA® 95 product page installation guidelines on gcpat.com.

Working from one side of the room, lightly butt the pieces of KOVARA® 95 together and tape all seams with KOVARA® 95 SEAM TAPE. Maintain adequate tension on the tape when setting to minimize bubbling and wrinkling. Complete by rolling all seams with a hand roller or 75-100 pound resilient roller. NEVER OVERLAP SEAMS as it will potentially telegraph through the finished flooring and NEVER USE COMRESSION METHOD at any seams.

Sweep the KOVARA® 95 membrane to remove any installation debris, dust or dirt that may have accumulated during the application. Complete the finished flooring installation in accordance with all manufacturer guidelines.


Roll Size : 2 in. x 180 ft.
Roll Weight : 0.6 lb
Packaging : 12 rolls / carton

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