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GBA is a proud supplier and installer for TRESPA International B.V. exterior panels and decorative facades.

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TRESPA® Interior and Exterior Phenolic Wall Panels

GBA is a proud supplier and installer for TRESPA International B.V. exterior panels and decorative facades.

Recognized worldwide for their innovation in the field of architectural materials, TRESPA® develops high quality and aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior phenolic panels. Being low maintenance (cleans easily), water resistant and UV resistant (color stable) makes TRESPA® a sustainable solution for your design needs. TRESPA®lines include METEON® and Pura NFC®

Design Features + Options:
  • Meteon® - Color on façades can tell a story, play with contours and volumes, break up surfaces and create captivating rhythms. You can employ a façade covering to assign different identities to parts of a building, to designate specific functionalities - or simply make things more attractive. Trespa® offers a broad selection of bright, long-lasting colors for façades. If desired, we can provide Trespa® Meteon® in colors created especially for your project.
  • Meteon® allows you to combine a natural appearance with physical durability. Give any building instant character with decors inspired by natural materials and processes. You can unleash your creativity in new ways and create tomorrow’s nature-inspired designs. Meteon® wood decors bring warmth, enabling fresh contemporary designs as well as classic weathered looks. Introduce lively weathered looking surfaces and patina designs wherever you like with Meteon® naturals. Dimensionless designs make it possible to bring details and complete façades to life.
  • Pura® NFC by Trespa® clads buildings in enduring elegance - maintaining its beauty and smooth surface in the face of the elements. The premium façade solution is designed to be durable, low maintenance and easily installed.

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