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LightWise® Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows

During the months of June through November, people living along the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico may experience catastrophic hurricanes.

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LightWise® Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows

LightWise® Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows

During the months of June through November, people living along the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico may experience catastrophic hurricanes. Hurricane season is anxiety-inducing due to personal safety concerns and possible property destruction. Hurricane resistant glass block can help to ease that anxiety by offering a higher level of security and resistance to flying debris and strong hurricane winds. Some of the most dangerous aspects of hurricanes comes from the destruction of buildings that causes debris to fly everywhere. When incorporating LightWise® glass block windows into your building, there is no need for shutters or additional protection. The windows are prefabricated panels which are incredibly easy to install.

Our windows are unique in their use of glass block as the glazing option. With the many pattern options glass block offers, you can create just the right amount of natural lighting desired. These windows have been recognized and approved by Miami-Dade County in Florida, the State of Florida, and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Hurricane resistant glass block window assemblies meet TDI's requirement for protection from wind-borne debris for both Inland 1 and Seaward zones. These windows possess the strength to resist hurricane strength while allowing natural light into any space.

Hurricane resistant glass block windows are a safe yet beautiful addition. Glass block patterns allow for large amounts of light to move through while meeting design pressure ratings of 100 pounds per square foot in a 4' x 4' window. Three patterns of glass block are available for these windows: Clarity, Endura, and Nubio. Nubio glass block has a classic wavy pattern that has been around for many generations. Endura glass block has a grid design that offers a moderate amount of privacy without compromising the amount of natural light the glass allows to pass through. Clarity glass block is known for its clear pattern which allows for a nearly clear view to the outside. These aesthetically pleasing glass block options are framed in a 2-piece aluminum channel which meets Miami Dade County in Florida and the International Building Code approval protocols for large missile impact tests.

Design Features + Options:

  • Glass Block Options: Clarity, Nubio, or Endura patterns available
  • Glass Transparency: Transparent or somewhat obscured with glass block patterns
  • Frame Options: Aluminum
  • Finish Options: Aluminum channel is clear anodized, bronze or white
    • Powder coating is also available
  • Design Criteria: Meets large missile impact tests referenced in the International Building Code in accordance with ASTM E-1886 and ASTM E-1996
  • Tested to Miami-Dade County approval protocols TAS 201, 202, 203
  • Window size and Design pressure Rating 4' x 8' = 80 PSF Design Pressure

Panels are preassembled for easy installation and can be installed at any height on the structure that does not exceed the pressure rating. LightWise® Architectural Systems hurricane resistant glass block windows are visually stunning and guaranteed to meet your performance requirements. The panels are ideal for residential and commercial applications in new or existing construction. Our windows provide excellent light transmission with protection against hurricane force winds and flying debris. In addition, they are graffiti resistant, damage resistant, and easy to clean. This is the ultimate and most beautiful solution to incorporate safety windows into any building structure.

In areas where hurricanes are common, hurricane shutters are applied for wind storm protection. It is fully possible to fill an opening with a hurricane resistant glass block window assembly without the use of shutters. The glass block we used has been tested to meet necessary building codes. All window assemblies will come prefabricated and with the required label to show the building code requirements are met by the window. LightWise™ Hurricane Resistant windows are the best glass block when it comes to hurricane resistant windows.

Benefits of Hurricane Resistant Glass Block

  • No need for shutters
  • Protection from flying debris
  • Multiple glass block options for light transmission
  • Protection from hurricane force winds
  • Visibility and privacy options determined by glass block pattern selected
  • Prefabricated window panels which are easy to install
  • Provides more security than traditional windows
  • Contribute LEED points for the building
  • Vandal and graffiti resistant
  • Easy to clean

Glass block has the ability to resist hurricanes in a way that traditional windows cannot. In traditional window applications, storm shutters need to be applied to the exterior of the window to prevent damage. With glass block hurricane resistant windows there is never any need to add storm shutters. Glass block has become a top solution for its ability to provide security and beauty to meet any designs daylighting goals.

Preparing a Home for Hurricane Season

According to the CDC, Hurricane season start in the north Pacific region on May 15th and in the Atlantic and Caribbean regions on June 1st. The season itself ends on November 30th and can be a nerve-wracking experience if you are not prepared. It is important to stay tuned into the weather surround you by checking local news stations, as they will let you know whether you should evacuate or stay at home during severe weather. Set an emergency plan for yourself and your family, and be sure to go through it with all involved. Always stay prepared by maintaining the gas levels in your vehicle and by keeping an emergency kit in your car or truck.

In addition to adding hurricane resistant glass block windows, there are other steps to take to prepare your home for a hurricane. Inspect the seals around windows, doors, and any other place where water penetration is a concern. Have a professional inspect your roof as loose roof panels will only increase the likelihood of roof and ceiling damage due to water and excessive winds. Take a walk around your home and trim all dying limbs off any trees. Flying tree limbs are a frequent cause of damage to homes and vehicles. Also be sure to check gutters and downspouts, as they are critical in the removal of excess water away from your home. Hurricane winds can cause gutters and downspouts to become unhinged and cause damage, so it is important to reinforce the brackets holding these in place.

Glass block shown above from left to right: Clarity, Endura, and Nubio Glass Block

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