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Your 24/7 Virtual Refrigeration Operator & Energy Management Solution

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Frick Industrial Refrigeration
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Frick® Quantum™ HD Unity System Controller

Your 24/7 Virtual Refrigeration Operator & Energy Management Solution

The Frick® Quantum™ HD Unity System Controller from Johnson Controls incorporates the most current industrial refrigeration control best practices with proven technology for a reliable, easy-to-use central control system perfect for cold storage and similar processes. Easily navigate from one control to the next with the unified single display for multiple controllers. Plus, our Quantum™ HD Unity System Controller enables you to access the system securely from the Internet - configure safe and secure access to the controller from literally any offsite location.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaporator Control - 30 zones of control, 4 operating modes from 3 separate temperature inputs, load shedding, humidity, heating and re-heat control, VSD fan control per zone
  • Condenser Control - 16 steps of condenser control , 8 VSD fan outputs, dynamic and fixed pressure control, winter and summer modes, alternate pressure control for defrost or standby conditions
  • Vessel - 3 vessels, up to 4 pumps each, level display for high pressure receiver and TSOC receiver, pump cavitation and minimum flow control, automatic pump order rotation, solenoid or modulating liquid make-up
  • Engine Room - ventilation control based on temperature or refrigerant concentration, 4 VSD outputs for ventilation fans, refrigerant detection with multiple warning levels, emergency ventilation initiated automatically or manually

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