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Sheet Rubber Flooring

FlexiFlor sheet rubber flooring has set the standard for excellence in resilient flooring for well over half a century.

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Sheet Rubber Flooring

Sheet Rubber Flooring

FlexiFlor sheet rubber flooring has set the standard for excellence in resilient flooring for well over half a century. Though many have tried to copy and claim similar performance, FlexiFlor remains unrivaled with it’s unique combination of unequaled longevity, beauty, and value. The renewable, durable, hygienic, and resilient properties along with the ease of maintenance make it the superior choice over vinyl, wood, tile or laminate flooring.

Minimal Maintenance . . . Maximum Results

FlexiFlor sheet rubber flooring provides a virtually continuous surface which dramatically reduces the number of dirt and germ-catching seams. It can even be flash coved, or turned up onto the wall to eliminate the typical wall/base seam. Needing no special waxes, sealers, dressings or other finishes like competing products, FlexiFlor maintains its superior sheen with only occasional buffing saving time, money and the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

FlexiFlor contributes to healthy indoor air quality. It is made from naturally occurring materials and is low-emission, avoiding harmful VOC’s and airborne pollutants from entering the environment. FlexiFlor contains no phthalates, lead, cadmium, or PVC so its safe to walk and play on. The simple maintenance requires no sealers or harmful chemicals commonly used in other flooring systems that negatively impact the environment.

Extreme Endurance

With durability that is legendary, FlexiFlor sheet rubber flooring will last for many decades. Over the years numerous facility managers have commented the appearance actually improves over time with regular maintenance. FlexiFlor’s unique makeup is waterproof, resilient, dimensionally stable and sanitary. Its comfortable long-term performance makes it suitable for a variety of commercial applications including schools, hospitals, and public facilities.


Many facilities choose vinyl or vinyl composite tile due to its low initial cost. However, life-cycle studies1 (see article) have proven the lowest initial cost hard surface floor (vinyl) was the most expensive floor over time when replacement, maintenance and cleaning costs are factored in. Resilient rubber flooring such as FlexiFlor was the least expensive over time. With over 85% of flooring expenses coming after the initial material cost, FlexiFlor’s extremely long life cycle and simple maintenance make it the most economical choice.

Quiet, Safe and Comfortable

Due to its unique formulation and relative softness (in comparison to other so called “resilient” flooring products) FlexiFlor is quieter, less slippery, and more comfortable to walk and stand on. This cushioning characteristic prevents fatigue and is especially important in hospital and school settings where doctors, nurses, teachers, and staff spend a great portion of the day on their feet.

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