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Fleming Steel Company
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Retro-Fit Equipment

With today's emphasis on saving money and rehabilitating existing facilities, many people are looking for a way to save their exiting doors, but bringing them up to today's standards. This can be accomplished by attaching Fleming’s retro-fit motor operator called the Mule.

The safe, sure-traction door mover automatically adjusts to uneven floors on any existing sliding door installation.

Fleming's Mule has positive dependable traction on uneven floors. Its "knee action" automatically adjusts to floor variations and maintains firm contact between the solid rubber wheel tread and the floor for safe, trustworthy operation. You'll never wear it out!

The Mule's sure operation opens and closes doors faster to save heat. If electrical power fails, the Mule easily and quickly converts to manual operation.

The Fleming Mule comes with floor wipers to clear debris in both directions of travel and prelubricated and sealed-for-life bearings.

A low-cost, bolt-on Mule gives you renowned Fleming quality, with top notch balanced and matched mechanical and electrical components. To get quality, get the Mule pulling for you.

The Fleming Mule Electronic “Soft Start / Soft Stop ” Controllers

In many cases the existing doors and operators are in satisfactory condition. However, the electrical system is out-of-date, out of code, or plainly just isn’t safe by today’s standards. Fleming’s engineering staff can device a safer, more economical and up-to-date (code) electrical system to be applied to your existing door systems.

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