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Craneway Doors for Commercial & Manufacturing

Model Number: Arm-Guided, Track Guided & Turnover Canopy Doors

For new or existing buildings, a Crane door installation demands expert coordination of architectural and structural design with door requirements. Fleming’s experienced, professional engineers will carefully study your specific needs, recommend the proper Crane door and provide design data, specifications and clearance dimensions to integrate the door with your building.

Most commonly used types of Crane doors are in-swing, hinged along its head, the door swings up and into the building. Out-swing, hinged at the soffit line, the door swings up and out forming a full canopy outside the opening. Vertical Lift, the door rises vertically along the inside or outside face of the wall.

The building design and clearances determine the most suitable Fleming Crane door. All are motorized for operation at speeds ranging from 30' to 60' per minute.

To provide ground level access for materials, trucks and rail cars - and passage of crane loads - Fleming load doors are motorized slide or swing leaves in conjunction with crane leaves. The combination of leaves have electrical and mechanical interlocks to properly sequence operation and to eliminate possibility of damage to doors, equipment, payload, building, and vehicles.

A Fine example of in-swing Type Craneway door - 60'-0" wide by 18'-0" high combined with Double Swing Load doors 14'-10 wide by 10'" high.

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