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Biparting Slide Doors - Aircraft Hangar Doors

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Biparting Slide Doors - Aircraft Hangar Doors

Series 100 & 500

With Fleming’s Series 100 or 500 slide door, no part of the door weight is supported by the building. Moving smoothly over rails in the floor, the Fleming door is positively guided by top rollers that travel in overhead guides. Slide doors - either inside or outside mounted - stack when open in pockets, cantilevered guides or at the jambs. Special features such as personnel and truck doors, fuselage apertures, sash, plastic panels, louvers, etc. can be provided.

Fleming’s highly acclaimed “Unit Drive ” motor operators are fast, dependable and rugged. Optional “Soft Start” and “Soft Stop” electronic packages are available on all Series 500 door systems. Built into every unit is Fleming’s reputation for years of trouble-free service - no matter how large or how heavy the door! Among Fleming’s wide choice of styles, there’s a type to fit your installation needs.

Bottom Drives, Traction or Fixed Chain styles can be used with Unidirectional and Biparting doors, mounted on leading leaves or jamb leaves, or fixed at the jambs of the opening. The Traction style drives one or both wheels by chain and sprocket mechanism; Fixed Chain has a positive drive between it and the adjacent leaf. Linear or Wrap-around Cable Systems can be used with the drive systems to connect the idler leaves to the drive leaves and move them to the open or closed position, for large doors or use of "Pickup Unit Drive" System for smaller systems."

These doors have even numbers of leaves divided at the center, with half of the leaves opening to the right jamb and the other half to the left.

Rockwell International's corporate base hangar at Greater Pittsburgh International Airport is impressive with its tri-tone blue graphic stripes. Fleming's 6-leaf motor-operated biparting doors open the 141'-0" wide by 41'-6" high opening.

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