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All Finlandia material packages are made to order. Our precut packages are intended for use in a space that you have framed and insulated. Anyone with general carpentry experience can build a Sauna out of our FPC parts.

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Finlandia Precut Packages (FPC)

All Finlandia material packages are made to order. Our precut packages are intended for use in a space that you have framed and insulated. Anyone with general carpentry experience can build a Sauna out of our FPC parts. We supply all the interior room parts and you nail or staple our 1"x 4" tongue and groove boards to your stud frame; our boards will run horizontally. We cut the material and build parts to fit your room; we don't just supply a pile of uncut lumber and unassembled pieces.
Finlandia's Standard Precut Packages include the following:

  • All-clear 1"x 4" (11/16" thick) Western Red Cedar for your walls and ceiling
  • 3/4"x 3/4" Trim (for ceiling and corners) and 1x2 base boards in matching wood
  • Assembled benches made of 2"x 2" tops with 3/8" spacing and 2"x 4" facing
  • Prehung glass door (24" wide) with solid wood rails and V.G. Douglas Fir lamination, 3/4" thick Hemlock threshold, and interior door casing
  • Assembled headrest(s) for upper benches
  • Finlandia Sauna heater model FLB with built-in controls (exterior wall controls optional) or Club model heater with F-2T wall control for larger size rooms
  • Stones--50 to 150# (depending on heater size)
  • Wooden heater guard
  • Super Dek, interlocking 12" x 12" x 1/2" flooring squares for walking area of Sauna room (Super Dek plastic mat overlays on your existing floor)
  • P5511 Wall light, V10 Metal Vents-2 sets (V5 Cedar Vents available), Nails, DVD Instructions, and Sauna Accessories including 102N Wooden Bucket with plastic liner, 106/40 Dipper, 0301K Thermometer, 079 Headrest for each upper bench, and Bathing Sign
  • Type C Building Foil (Vapor Barrier/Heat Reflector)
Preparation for FPC Sauna Package

  • Frame room to desired size using wood or metal studs. Our T&G boards are nailed directly to the wood frame. Metal studs require drywall and 1x2 (3/4" thick) wood nailing strips.
  • Lower ceiling to 7' 0" from finished floor.
  • Frame door rough opening to 26" x 82" for standard 2' 0" door.
  • Frame in an upper and a lower vent box with rough opening of 4" x 10". Vent info
  • Install rough electrical for Sauna heater, wall light, and wall control (if applicable). Single gang rough in for wall light should be 78" from the floor or 6" below the ceiling.
  • Insulate all walls and ceiling with R-13 fiberglass batt insulation.
  • Install waterproof floor of tile, vinyl, or cement. A drain in the Sauna is optional for residential but is recommended for commercial use. FPC Package does not include a solid surfaced floor.
  • Finish the exterior Sauna walls with drywall or some type of paneling. Finlandia does not provide exterior paneling for FPC packages unless it is requested.

We cut all packages to your exact inside stud to stud dimensions in your choice of wood. Our standard wood is clear Western Red Cedar. Clear Redwood, clear Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and clear Western Hemlock are optional woods. We can cut to virtually any custom size.

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Wall Detail for FPC Sauna
Comparison Chart
Provided by)
2" x 4" or 2" x 6" wood studs or metal studs with drywall and wood nailers applied. (Contractor)
2" x 2" framing built inside wall/ceiling panels (Manufacturer)
InsulationR13 or R19 fiberglass

R11 fiberglass

Vapor Barrier

Type C Building Foil
(Contractor or Manufacturer)

Type C Building Foil

Interior Paneling1" x 4" Tongue & Groove
(Supplied by Manuf. Installed by Contr.)
1" x 4" T. and G.
(Supplied and installed by Manufacturer)
ExteriorDrywall, Tile, Paneling, etc.
Rough sawn Mahogany or 1/2" x 4" Cedar (Manufacturer)
Vents4" x 10" Set of Registers and Grills
(Supplied by Manuf. installed by Contractor)
4" x 10" set of Reg. and Grills
(Supplied and installed by Manuf.)
ElectricalAll wiring must be provided by the electrician. Including water tight flex to the heater.Conduit is installed in the wall panels. Electrician supplies wires to run through the conduits to the heater and light.

In both Precut and Prefab packages the Sauna Door is pre-hung and ready to install, the benches are pre-built to the appropriate length and width by the manufacturer, the contractor only has to install supports provided by manufacturer to set benches on. The Heater, Controls and Accessories are provided in the same fashion for both packages and the contractor installs these items in accordance with the instructions.

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