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The FAVC (Fresh Air Ventilation Control) intelligently manages the central fan to provide fresh air ventilation all year long while meeting the ASHRAE 62.2 2016 standard for ventilation.

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Fresh Air Ventilation Control

The FAVC (Fresh Air Ventilation Control) intelligently manages the central fan to provide fresh air ventilation all year long while meeting the ASHRAE 62.2 2016 standard for ventilation.
Why Do You Need A Fresh Air Ventilation Control?

Homes built today are more energy efficient with better insulation and more tightly sealed. As a result, homes trap stale, unhealthy air inside. The ASHRAE 62.2 fresh air ventilation standard was established to ensure adequate air changes and improve indoor air quality. Exhaust-only fans like those in bathrooms and kitchens can create negative pressure and do supply fresh air into the dwelling. Fresh air must come from outdoors. A control manages fresh outdoor air intake and stale indoor air exhaust to provide whole-dwelling ventilation to satisfy ASHRAE 62.2 standard.

Why The Field Controls FAVC?

The Field Controls FAVC (Fresh Air Ventilation Control) is designed to meet the requirements of ASHRAE 62.2 2016 standard for ventilation by delivering fresh air ventilation all year long while conserving energy and providing homeowner comfort.

How It Works

The FAVC continuously monitors indoor relative humidity and outside temperature and uses the fresh air duct to regulate humidity in the winter months and to prevent humid conditions in summer months. In addition to preventing mold, the FAVC will prevent condensation and corrosion of the heat exchanger.

Comes Pre-Set Or Is Customizable

The FAVC comes pre-set from the factory but it can be set to monitor and control up to four appliances (dampers, ERV/HRV, HVAC central blower and various exhaust fans) to evenly balance fresh air ventilation with in the home.

Two Operation Modes

The FAVC has two modes of operation: Standard and Economy. In Standard mode, the FAVC works in conjunction with a forced air HVAC fan system. In Economy mode, the FAVC works independent of the forced air HVAC fan system.

  • Normal or Economy Mode of Operation
  • Multiple Climate Application Mode: Normal, Hot, Cold or Disabled
  • Adjusts ventilation need based on 30-minute time periods
  • Factory Pre-set settings
  • Simple Fresh Air Ventilation using Fresh Air Damper or HRV/ERV Devices
  • Monitoring Capability (up to 4 appliances - multiple bath fans, exhaust fans, clothes dryer, range hood, draft assisted gas log fireplaces, and/or exhaust fan devices)
  • Monitoring and Control Capability
  • Built-in Selectable Enthalpy Control
  • Temperature sensor located in R/A ductwork
  • Compatible with any HVAC system having accessible 24VAC R W Y G terminals:
    • Conventional Heat/Cool HVAC Systems
    • Heat Pump Systems
    • Hydronic Air Handlers
    • Stand-alone Configuration
  • Complies with ASHRAE 62.2 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Florida code compliant
  • New or existing single/multi-family operation
  • Low power usage
  • Simple Installation
  • Smart Controller (adjusts ventilation time based on central fan and/or appliances in operation)
  • Versatility (controls, monitors and CFM adjustable for appliances)
  • Controls three (3) appliances (including ventilation damper)
  • Monitors four (4) exhaust fan appliances
  • Adjustable air flow dial settings for each exhaust fan appliance
  • Individual Heat and Cool air flow settings for HVAC central fan
  • ASHRAE 62.2 Continuous CFM dial setting
  • Inhibits fresh air ventilation based on outside temperature levels and indoor relative humidity setting

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FAVCFresh Air Ventilation ControlIncludes: Fresh Air Ventilation Controller (FAVC), Temperature Sensor, Mounting Hole Template, Instruction Manual, Mounting Packet with screws and wire nuts.240.07--