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Eliminator® Foundation Vent Fan Helps eliminate moisture, mold, and radon gas from crawl spaces.

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Eliminator® Foundation Vent Fan Helps eliminate moisture, mold, and radon gas from crawl spaces.

The Eliminator Foundation Vent Fan is a motorized fan designed to circulate fresh air in a home or building crawl space to eliminate cancer-causing radon gas and reduce moisture that can lead to mold formation and termite infestation. The Eliminator attaches to virtually any standard foundation vent. It is wired for automatic operation when the temperature exceeds 50°F. An optional de-humidistat activates the fan when humidity exceeds the owner-determined setting (20%-80%) in conjunction with the built-in temperature control. The temperature control is shielded from the sun to prevent false readings that could lead to costly operation during cold weather.

  • Reduces moisture content and mold potential in crawl spaces, floor joists, flooring, and other support wood
  • Circulates air in crawl space
  • Removes radon gas
  • Automatic operation
  • Temperature or humidity activated
  • Reduces potential for airborne mold infiltration into home
  • Reduces termite potential
How It Works
  1. The Eliminator is attached to any standard foundation vent, and then wired to a 120v source.
  2. Optional de-humidistat is placed in center of crawl space area.
  3. When temperature in crawl space exceeds 50°F and/or when humidity exceeds de-humidistat setting, the Eliminator is engaged.
  4. Moist air and radon gases are pulled from crawl space and replaced with fresh, outside air.
  5. When thermostat or de-humidistat is satisfied, the Eliminator is deactivated.

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