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Conventional Cylinders

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Conventional Cylinders

Falcon’s full line of conventional cylinders ensure durability, performance and security.

Conventional cylinders provide a high level of security and durability at an affordable price. A conventional cylinder requires some breakdown of the lock in order to be removed and are the most commonly used cylinders. Because they are manufacturer-specific to the lock and lock type, they usually cannot be exchanged for another. However, conventional cylinders can be keyed alike or master keyed so that just one key can be used for multiple locks. They are best suited for light commercial applications with a small number of users, such as retail stores, small offices and residential applications that do not require frequent cylinder changes.

Features & Benefits
  • G Series (including master key) standard:
    • Pinned 5 standard (except W Series): pinned six cylinders available
    • Master keying offered for two, three and four levels
  • Now available in all Falcon conventional key sections, as well as Schlage C keyway, which is now masterkeyed across the complete Falcon product line
  • Other open keyways include:
    • E
    • H
    • K
    • L
    • N
    • P
  • Restricted keyways available
  • Schlage C keyways (including master key) available
  • Schlage E keyways available on select products

  • Service equipment and supplies
    • Key guage
    • Pin kits
  • Miscellaneous cylinder parts
  • Kit refills, including pins, springs, etc.

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