FALK Panel -RDEK 40 Roof Deck Panel


Ideal for low-slope roofing applications, the FALK RDEK 40 combines PIR insulation with TPO or PVC membranes for a lightweight and durable roofing deck system.

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FALK Panel
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RDEK 40 Roof Deck Panel

The FALK RDEK 40 is a top choice for light, low-slope roofing, excelling in long-term performance, particularly for projects needing strong diaphragm shear support. It's an upgrade from conventional B-decking, integrating high-quality polyisocyanurate insulation between two steel layers to meet demanding design needs. Combined with self-adhered or fully adhered single-ply thermoplastic membranes, it becomes a key component in durable roofing systems.

  • Long-term performance for low-slope roofing
  • Compatible for roof slopes 1.5:12 and less
  • Ready for TPO or PVC application
  • Suitable for phased installation without weather concerns
  • Replaces traditional B-Deck solutions

Versatile Slope Compatibility

This system works well for slopes ranging from a slight 0.25:12 to a more noticeable 1.5:12. The FALK RDEK 40 panels come ready for TPO or PVC application, with a primed and coated exterior. Available in thicknesses from 3 to 6 inches, these panels offer a blend of robustness and visual appeal. They're designed to attach directly to purlins or joists, ensuring a neat interior look.

Seamless Protection and Efficiency

Offering seamless protection and efficiency, the FALK RDEK 40 ensures watertightness right after installation. It has water-tight tongue and groove joints and a pre-installed foam gasket to prevent vapor and water penetration. This feature speeds up other construction stages, leading to quicker, more cost-effective building completion. Its water-tight design also allows for phased installation without concerns.

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System Width43.46"
Working Width40"
Core MaterialPIR-insulation
CoatingExterior: PolyPREMIER®
Interior: PolyPREMIER®
WarrantiesFALK warranty (if applicable)
Steel ThicknessExterior: 0.5 mm (standard)
Interior: 0.4 mm (standard)
Minimum Length10'
Maximum Length82'
ApplicationsRoof and wall
Company CertificationsNA Performance Summary
QAI B1142
Florida Building Code FL41818
Florida Building Code FL41819
Technical Features
Core Thickness [in]R-Value [(H FT² °F )/ BTU]U-Value [W/(M²K)
*Nominal 7.5 per inch with lamba (λ[W/mK) of 0.019