Elevate (Formerly Firestone) -RubberGard™ EPDM SA Roofing System


Work smarter, not harder with a self-adhered membrane. Elevate RubberGard™ EPDM pairs with Secure Bond Technology to provide a fast-to-install, extremely durable, and sustainable roofing solution.

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Elevate (Formerly Firestone)
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RubberGard™ EPDM SA Roofing System

Roofing and waterproofing industries face an increased demand for productivity, sustainability, and application flexibility. With the shortage of skilled labor affecting the construction industry, roofing contractors need help to scale their business and meet the demand.

In response to these challenges, Elevate introduces the RubberGard™ EPDM SA roofing system.

RubberGard™ EPDM SA is designed to meet the current and future demands of the roofing and waterproofing industries with sustainability, durability, and productivity as its core principles.

Elevate RubberGard™ EPDM SA represents the next generation of self-adhered roofing membranes. Based on our highly durable, premium-grade, and time-tested RubberGard™ EPDM and featuring our exclusive Secure Bond™ Technology, RubberGard™ EPDM SA is quick to install and delivers outstanding, long-lasting performance.

Our Secure Bond adhesive is factory-applied across the membrane, making the installation process far faster and easier than a standard EPDM membrane. You no longer have to manually apply the glue and wait. As a result, you can seal significantly more roof surface per day and install more roofs per season.



Since its introduction in 1980, the Elevate RubberGard™ EPDM system has dominated the single-ply roofing market thanks to its durability, performance, versatility, and superior long-term weatherability. RubberGard™ EPDM membranes are warranted up to 30 years and may last longer when properly maintained, placing them among the industry's most resilient roofing materials with unparalleled resistance to ultraviolet radiation (UV), harsh climates, and extreme weather.


Factory-applied adhesive eliminates the need to manually apply the glue over the substrate and wait for it to dry. Seams require splice tape or cover tape. Maximize your productivity and minimize the labor effort to focus onwhat moves the needle - sealing more roof surface per day and taking full advantage of the roofing season.


Elevate Secure Bond Technology ensures a robust and uniform bond across the entire membrane. This factory-applied adhesive allows the membrane to be adhered to various horizontal roofing and vertical wall substrates without doubting if enough adhesive has been applied.


Elevate RubberGard™ EPDM membranes are a sustainable solution. They're exceptionally durable, long-lasting, recyclable, and easy and inexpensive to repair. Often, EPDM membranes require little maintenance and can easily be repaired with Elevate QuickSeam products, even after decades of use.


Be unstoppable, even during the winter. Elevate RubberGard™ EPDM SA provides a strong bond in cold temperatures down to 20 °F (-7 °C), which can help you stay competitive and extend your roofing season.


Unlike standard adhesives, RubberGard™ EPDM SA contains no solvents and VOCs. It’s also odorless, making it perfect for installation on buildings that must remain operational during the roof installation.


The streamlined self-adhering process of RubberGard™ EPDM SA installation significantly reduces the required steps for roof installation, cuts the necessary effort to complete the roof, and substantially improves your roofing crew’s efficiency and productivity.

Elevate RubberGard™ EPDM SA Advantage

Elevate RubberGard™ EPDM SA membrane is designed to offer maximum benefits to building owners and contractors while tackling some of the biggest challenges of the roofing industry - skilled labor shortage and the increased demand for high-quality, sustainable roofing solutions.

Building owners can confidently conduct their day-to-day operations without interruption. No odor and VOCs allow the RubberGard™ EPDM SA installation while the building is still occupied. Once the roof is installed, the time-tested, industry-leading RubberGard™ EPDM system will provide maximum performance and long-term sustainability.

Contractors benefit from reduced labor requirements and time-to-completion. The time and labor savings can help you scale your business, meet the demand, and improve productivity.

Need help determining if RubberGard™ EPDM SA is the suitable EPDM membrane for your needs? Talk to an Elevate Sales Rep near you and see what contractors are saying. Then browse more EPDM roofing materials available through Elevate.


Elevate recognizes the market need for a fully compatible roofing system, not limited to the waterproofing membrane. Therefore, Elevate offers a complete range of accessories designed to guarantee the best results during the installation of the RubberGard™ EPDM SA roofing system.

Elevate has expanded its offering with other flat roofing components such as PIR insulation boards, cover boards and vapor control layers. Their guaranteed compatibility further enhances the overall system performance.

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