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Elevate (Formerly Firestone)
26 Century Boulevard
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Elevate ISOGARD™ ISO Panels

Highest R-Value Per Inch

Elevate ISOGARD polyiso insulation is the first product on the market that meets both ASTM C1289 required and recommended thermal performance values.

Better Thermal Performance

Comparison of thermal drift of previous polyiso products compared with Elevate's ISOGARD formulation. Up to a 40% improvement over competitive products in the market.

Installed Cost Advantages

High performance, cost efficient polyiso delivers the highest R-value per inch of common insulation systems making it a smart investment for your building.


ISOGARD HG with HailGard protection is an insulation panel consisting of a polyiso foam core laminated to a 7/16" oriented strand board (OSB) on one side, and a black glass reinforced mat facer on the other side. This nailable OSB surface makes HailGard suitable for use with EPDM, TPO, modified bitumen and metal roofing systems, as well as helping to protect against accidental punctures, hail, and winds up to 100 mph.


For the ultimate in fire and mold resistance, our ISOGARD CG product provides exceptional protection for your roofing system. Offering a Class A fire rating over combustible decks at 1" thick and meeting D3273 standards for mold resistance, this light weight insulation is compatible with all roofing systems and provides enhanced wind uplift performance for your roofing system.


This versatile insulation is especially suited for FM approved and UL classified direct-to-deck applications/assemblies without an additional thermal barrier in most installations.

ISOGARD GL polyiso insulation boards have a glass reinforced facer on both sides of the foam core and can be attached with hot asphalt or low-rise foam adhesive to various substrates, or mechanically fastened with Elevate fasteners and plate, due to not having to adhere to another layer.


ISOGARD HD composite cover board consists of a 1/2" ISOGARD HD cover board laminated directly to Elevate standard ISOGARD polyisocyanurate insulation. By combining these two proven products in an in-line manufacturing process, the building owner receives high performing, energy efficient insulation board, while the installer saves time and labor due to not having to adhere another layer.

Furthermore, since Elevate's ISOGARD HD is made in a controlled environment, the risk of other variables that can impact the performance of the product be it dirt, adhesive application, etc. are greatly reduced.

Elevate ISOGARD™ Tapered Insulation

When a substrate's slope will not permit efficient drainage, Elevate tapered ISOGARD polyiso insulation provides an effective and economical solution. A properly installed tapered system can extend the life of the roof assembly by reducing problems associated with ponding water. Elevate offers tapered insulation panels in our ISOGARD GL and ISOGARD CG product families.


ISOGARD HD cover board combines impact resistance, mold resistance, energy savings and ease of installation in a single, high-density product. Because it's lightweight and easy to cut and install, ISOGARD HD cover board can offer savings from reduced transportation costs, labor and material during application. Plus, HD polyiso provides the highest thermal performance of any 1/2" cover board product on the market.

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