Elevate (Formerly Firestone) -Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld™ Roofing System


Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld™ is a high-performance, non-penetrating PVC membrane fastening system with simplified installation. Plus, InvisiWeld performs well in many climates, so you can extend your roofing season further.

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Elevate (Formerly Firestone)
26 Century Boulevard
Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37214


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Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld™ Roofing System

Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld™ System is a high-performance, non-penetrating PVC membrane fastening system. The mechanically attached system provides high wind uplift ratings. Plus, simplified installation reduces labor and material costs. Overall, installation is less costly for building owners versus fully adhered systems and less disruptive for building occupants.

This mechanically attached application features Elevate PVC InvisiWeld Plates attached to the Elevate PVC KEE membrane using an induction welding tool. The InvisiWeld System achieves Factory Mutual (FM) approvals.

The roofing season can be extended since the InvisiWeld System functions well in many climates, including cooler environments where adhesives and sealants may be more difficult to use. The InvisiWeld system reduces the need for insulation plates and fasteners. The Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld System is compatible with Elevate Polyisocyanurate (ISOGARD™) insulation, Elevate ISOGARD HD Cover Board, Structodek® H, Securock® or DensDeck® boards.

Pair simplified installation with the proven benefits of PVC KEE, and you have a long-term commercial roofing solution that's great for contractors, building owners, and occupants alike. Elevate's PVC KEE membrane formulation uses DuPont™ Elvaloy® Ketone Ethylene Ester, a solid plasticizer that bonds with the PVC to provide consistent and dependable plasticizer retention for the service life of the roof. The product formulation has proven in-market performance for 30 years, and we stand behind it with the Elevate Red Shield Limited Warranty.


A Formula You Can Count

On Elevate’s PVC KEE membrane formulation uses DuPontTM Elvaloy® KEE, a solid plasticizer that bonds with the PVC to provide consistent and dependable long-term plasticizer retention for an extended roof life and lower maintenance costs. It's backed by the Elevate Red Shield Limited Warranty.

Ready for Diverse, Easy Application

Elevate PVC KEE membranes are ideal for a range of low-slope commercial roofing applications. The VOC-free application makes it perfect for buildings that need to stay open and occupied during installation. Installation is straightforward, as the InvisiWeld system reduces the need for fasteners and insulation plates. And since it's mechanically attached, Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld installation requires less material for corners and perimeters than other attachment methods, helping to reduce material and labor costs.

Perfect for Roofing in Winter

Don't stop when the temperature drops. Take on more roofs in winter with Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld. The InvisiWeld System performs well in many climates, even cold environments where asphalt and adhesives can be difficult to use.

Incredibly Strong and Resilient

Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld stands up to common rooftop chemicals and harsh conditions. It's impact, puncture, chemical, grease, and fire-resistant, making it ideal for facilities that have to weather it all, like airports, restaurants, manufacturers, and food processors. PVC roofing is inherently self-extinguishing and reduces flame spread in the event of a fire.

Ideal for Energy Savings

Available in white, gray, and tan, Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld is a highly reflective cool roof solution with UV inhibitors to help reflect sunlight away from the building and absorb less heat. It can help moderate the urban heat island effect and reduce the cooling energy consumption of buildings. Occupants stay more comfortable, and building owners save on air conditioning costs.

Backed by Industry Experience

The Elevate brand promise is "Nobody Covers You Better," and everyone from our engineers to our sales and technical support team brings this promise to life through a relentless commitment to product research, development, testing, and service. One testament to this promise is our PVC KEE single-ply formulation, which has provided quality performance in-market for 30 years. Review Elevate PVC KEE InvisiWeld options below and complete your PVC KEE installation with Elevate PVC accessories.

  • Available in VSH assemblies
  • Achieves UL, Factory Mutual (FM), FBC and NOA approvals

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Product Specifications
PVC KEE50 mil / 50 mil MINWhite, Gray,Tan5' x 100' or 10' x 100'>Adhered, Mechanical, InvisiWeld15 years

60 mil / 60 mil MIN

White, Gray, Tan5 'x 100' or 10' x 100'Adhered, Mechanical, InvisiWeld20 years
PVC KEE80 mil / 80 mil MINWhite, Gray, Tan

5' x 80' or 10' x 80'

Adhered, Mechanical*, InvisiWeld30 years*

* 30 year RS Warranty for Mechanically attached is limited to 5' and 76" wide sheets