Elevate (Formerly Firestone) -Elevate PVC InvisiWeld™ Roofing System


Enjoy a simplified PVC roofing installation and lower material costs than other membrane attachment methods. With the Elevate PVC InvisiWeld™ System, you get all the durability of PVC roofing, plus VOC -free application that's friendlier for crews and business operators.

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Elevate (Formerly Firestone)
26 Century Boulevard
Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37214


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Elevate PVC InvisiWeld™ Roofing System

The Elevate PVC InvisiWeld™ System is a mechanically attached high-performance, non-penetrating roofing system that requires fewer fasteners while still providing high wind uplift ratings. Compared to other mechanical attachment methods, InvisiWeld installation is simpler, less disruptive to building occupants, and less costly.

InvisiWeld application is VOC-free and features induction welding of Elevate PVC membrane to specially treated Elevate PVC InvisiWeld Plates. Induction welding fuses the Elevate PVC membrane and PVC InvisiWeld Plate together, reducing or eliminating the need for separate insulation plates and fasteners, and may also reduce the total number of fastening points of the roofing system. In addition to reducing material and labor costs, InvisiWeld application is well suited to many climates, including cold environments where adhesives and asphalt are difficult to use.

Elevate’s PVC InvisiWeld System has the same advantages as the rest of the Elevate PVC system family. Elevate PVC membranes resist aggressors you can see, like impacts, punctures, and many chemical or biological materials, but also the ones you can't see, like UV. Elevate PVC is a reflective, cool roofing solution that improves building energy efficiency while providing long term weatherability. The InvisiWeld System also carries standard industry approvals like Factory Mutual (FM).

Learn how this PVC system compares to Elevate's other PVC roofing systems, along with InvisiWeld's installation process, features, and benefits. Then contact your Elevate Sales Rep with questions or find a Elevate licensed applicator near you.


Designed for Strength, Designed to Stay

PVC roofing is known to enjoy a long service life when properly installed and maintained. It is highly resistant to damage from impacts, punctures, chemicals, fire, and wind. Elevate PVC InvisiWeld is a mechanically attached system that provides high wind uplift ratings. What's more, Elevate PVC single-ply roofing membrane formulation has proven to be a durable, long-term commercial roofing solution, with more than 25 years of quality performance in the market.

Installation Is Business as Usual

Many roofing installation methods rely on petroleum or chemical-based products with high VOC content, but not Elevate InvisiWeld. VOC-free application features Elevate PVC InvisiWeld Plates to PVC membrane using an induction welding tool, so there are no harsh fumes during installation and business operations don't have to be interrupted.

Potential for Great Energy Savings

PVC roofing systems are typically highly effective in warmer climates due to their reflectivity and durability. InvisiWeld is no different. Available in white, the InvisiWeld system is a highly reflective, cool roofing solution for low slope roofs that offers great weatherability and ozone resistance. Heavy rain, high wind, or hot sun, Elevate PVC InvisiWeld can stand up to it all.

Allows for an Extended Roofing Season

What if you could conquer more roofs through summer, winter, spring, and fall? With Elevate, you might be able to. The InvisiWeld System allows some contractors to extend their roofing season as InvisiWeld functions well in many climates, including cold environments where adhesives and asphalt may be difficult to use.

Excellence and Options Come Standard

Working with a brand name roofing material manufacturer like Elevate means you have access to high-quality products, variety, and protection. Elevate PVC InvisiWeld™ roofing membranes are available in white, in thicknesses of 50 mils, 60 mils, and 80 mils, and in widths of 5' or 10'. Elevate materials have also achieved Factory Mutual (FM) approvals. Ask about Elevate Limited Warranties.

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