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Used with 1-meter high Safegate Street Works safety barriers for utilities and road

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Temporary Noise Control Enclosures - SG3 Acoustic Barrier

Used with 1-meter high Safegate Street Works safety barriers for utilities and road

Excellent noise control for highways and utilities

Echo Barrier's SG3 barrier is designed specifically to reduce noise from roadwork. It is quick and simple to deploy and easy to move and reconfigure. These 3-ft barriers protect pedestrians from noise pollution and debris from roadwork.

Easy to install

Each SG3 barrier weighs just 13 lbs (6 Kg) and uses Velcro straps instead of cable ties to keep in place, making them easy to install. One person can deploy a full SG3 enclosure, complete with a removable roof.

Outstanding noise control

The SG3 Safegate barrier absorbs almost 100% of noise at 500Hz-1kHz. It also achieves world-class noise reduction at a wide range of other frequencies (15dB at 500Hz; 32dB at 2kHz).


Because SG3 acoustic barriers are certified waterproof to IPX6/9, they can be used in heavy rain without harming performance. They can also withstand both extreme heat and cold, and are guaranteed to last at least 5 years.

What makes our acoustic barriers so effective?

The best way to understand how our temporary noise control barriers deliver market-leading performance at minimum weight is to take a look inside.

Front facing outer layer

We use super-durable, waterproof PVC, ensuring the best possible noise reduction without sacrificing appearance.

Noise-absorbent composite

Highest grade, acoustic absorbent made from recycled materials prevents noise from reflecting off the barrier (bio-degradable).

Waterproof breathable membrane

Absorbs sound, not water.

Durable reinforced mesh

Keeps our barriers working for years in even the harshest conditions.

More product information

  • High temperature in direct sunlight
  • Mesh faces sound source
  • Do not use cutting tools
  • Frost resistant BSEN 60068/2/1:2007
  • Water resistant BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6, IPX9

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