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For management of indoor noise sources and highly reflective environments

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Specialized Temporary Acoustic Barriers - TB1 Cross Damper

For management of indoor noise sources and highly reflective environments

The best solution for sound reflection

Echo Barrier's TB cross-dampers reduce noise polliution caused by sound-reflection. They are easy to deploy wherever you need to protect workers from excess reflected noise.
Our TB cross-dampers are designed to be used with other Echo Barrier noise reduction solutions.

Unrivaled noise absorption

Echo Barrier TB cross dampers work by cutting noise reflection across a wide spectrum of sound frequencies. At 400-600Hz they absorb up to 100% of sound. At 300Hz-1kHz, they absorb up to 70%. They're perfect for indoor use.

Easy to install

Echo Barrier TB cross dampers weight just 9 lbs each, which makes them easy to install just about anywhere in a building.

Resistant to the elements

Our TB cross dampers work no matter the environmental conditions. They are waterproof and fire-resistant and continue to reduce noise even in extreme conditions.

What makes our acoustic barriers so effective?

The best way to understand how our temporary noise control barriers deliver market-leading performance at minimum weight is to take a look inside.

Front facing outer layer

We use super-durable, waterproof PVC, ensuring the best possible noise reduction without sacrificing appearance.

Noise-absorbent composite

Highest grade, acoustic absorbent made from recycled materials prevents noise from reflecting off the barrier (bio-degradable).

Waterproof breathable membrane

Absorbs sound, not water.

Durable reinforced mesh

Keeps our barriers working for years in even the harshest conditions.

More product information

  • High temperature in direct sunlight
  • Mesh faces sound source
  • Do not use cutting tools
  • Frost resistant BSEN 60068/2/1:2007
  • Water resistant BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6, IPX9

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Absorption performance - A key test result to help you determine how effective the barrier is at cutting noise.