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Eco-optimised (biodegradable infill), with added fire resistance for industrial applications

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Echo Barrier H-Series Temporary Acoustic Barriers - H5

Eco-optimised (biodegradable infill), with added fire resistance for industrial applications

Effective noise control with enhanced fire resistance.

The Echo Barrier H5 offers the exceptional noise reduction and sound absorption you expect from our products. Like all our barriers, it is durable, easy to move and deploy, and effective in all weather conditions. The H5 is made out of biodegradable acoustic infill, and works in numerous industrial settings.


The H5 is certified fire-resistant. It can be used in any setting where there is a risk of fire, or where you need fire-resistant products.

Easy to install

The H5 is easy to deploy and safe for one person to carry. Because each piece weighs only 13 lbs, the H5 can be deployed 70% faster than our competitors' barriers. The H5 can also be rolled up for easy storage.

Outstanding noise absorption

The H5 acoustic barrier offers superb sound absorption of almost 100% at 400-600Hz. It's a great way to protect workers from the effects of noise pollution.

What makes our acoustic barriers work so well?

Want to know why our barriers deliver such outstanding performance? Let's take a look:

Waterproof outer layer

Our products are made from high quality, waterproof PVC. They're ultra-durable, professional looking, and most importantly, they're great at reducing noise.

Acoustic absorbent

We use a special, bio-degradable acoustic absorbent made out of recycled materials. It absorbs sound without reflecting it, which significantly reduces noise pollution.

Waterproof breathable membrane

Multi-purpose breathable fabric absorbs noise, not water.

More product information

  • High temperature in direct sunlight
  • Mesh faces sound source
  • Do not use cutting tools
  • Frost resistant BSEN 60068/2/1:2007
  • Water resistant BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6, IPX9

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Insulation and absorption performance - Don't take our word for it: scientific tests have proven how effective our products are.