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Barrier extensions for use with generators and HVAC

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Temporary Noise Control Enclosures - H-EX™ Extension

Barrier extensions for use with generators and HVAC

World beating generator noise control

The H-EX™ extends the vertical reach of any H-Series Echo Barrier, increasing the area protected from noise, ideal for working alongside high-rise offices and apartments. The acoustic shadow cast by the barriers is raised by this Echo Barrier accessory, which is also useful for noise sources elevated from the ground, such as generators taller than 1.5m.

Fire resistant

The Echobarrier H-EX™ extensions are fully fire resistant to ASTM E84 and BS 7837-1996 making it ideal for use in restricted environments

Durable and lightweight

The Echobarrier H-EX™ is designed for long life on the toughest sites yet weighs under 13 pounds (5.6 Kg) making for simple one-man installation. The seperate frame component is 26.5 pounds (12 Kg)

Water resistant

The Echobarrier H-EX™ is fully water resistant and tested to BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6 / IPX9 allowing for use in the harshest environments

What makes our acoustic barriers so effective

See how our temporary noise control barriers deliver market-leading performance at minimum weight.

Waterproof outer layer

Extremely durable, high-quality waterproof PVC, of optimum mass to achieve maximum noise mitigation.

Noise-absorbent composite

The heart of the panel: Echo Barrier’s lightweight, but highly noise-absorbent composite.

Waterproof breathable membrane/mesh

The membrane/mesh lets in sound, so that it can be absorbed by the composite, but keeps water out.

More product information

  • High temperature in direct sunlight
  • Mesh faces sound source
  • Do not use cutting tools
  • Frost resistant BSEN 60068/2/1:2007
  • Water resistant BSEN 60529:1992 IPX6, IPX9

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Insulation and absorption performance - Key insulation and absorption tests show how effective the H-EX™ extensions are