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TECHVENT 6300® Sliding Industrial Window

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TECHVENT 6300® Sliding Industrial Window

EXTECH’s TECHVENT 6300 is a horizontal sliding industrial polycarbonate windows system that offers many of the advantages of our 5300 series, but without the hinge. It delivers natural lighting and ventilation and is great for new construction or retrofit work. It can be operated both manually and electrically with an optional control system available, and can be used in either continuous runs or as a single unit.

The TECHVENT 6300 features a patented vinyl slide that allows operation of the window in the presence of dirt, with side constraints that lock the sliding panel into the window frame. It also has a continuous top flange for easy attachment to building girts, and the glazing gaskets have a low-friction surface that allows for thermal movement of the glazing. It can accept both polycarbonate and glass.

The TECHVENT 6300 works well in a variety of applications, and is ideal for industrial facilities.

Further benefits and details

  • Provides natural light and ventilation
  • Operated manually or electrically (with optional control systems)
  • Patented vinyl slide allows window operation even in the presence of dirt
  • Side constraints lock the sliding panel into the window frame
  • Continuous top flange for easy attachment to building girts
  • Extruded setting leg for glazing material allows venting of cellular thermoplastics
  • Extra deep glazing rabbets (1 ¼”) allow for thermal expansion of glazing material
  • Glazing gaskets possess a low coefficient of friction surface to allow for thermal movement of the glazing
  • Can be used in continuous runs or a single unit
  • Robust construction holds up to abusive industrial environments
  • Finish on aluminum framing can be your choice of anodized or high-performance factory baked paints
  • Accepts monolithic and cellular polycarbonates or acrylics from 15/64” (6mm) to 5/6” (16mm)
  • Accepts glass to ½” thick
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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