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LIGHTWALL 3100LS® Long Spanning Wall System

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LIGHTWALL 3100LS® Long Spanning Wall System

Our LIGHTWALL 3100LS translucent wall system delivers all the benefits of daylighting façades (energy savings, sustainability, healthy natural lighting) while being capable of long spans with minimal structural support. The system provides a continuous wall of daylight that replicates the external appearance of a channel glass system.

The EXTECH series 3100LS is comprised of a patented interlocking clamping structural mullion designed for high wind load and long span conditions. This system uses R3.8 standing seam cellular polycarbonate glazing panels for outstanding durability, and features an internal gasketed water stop for long term performance. It can be utilized in a wide variety of environments and for a range of structures.

The LIGHTWALL 3100LS has been tested for hurricane impact and windborne debris (ASTM E-1886 & E-1996) at clear spans of 8 feet. To our knowledge, this is the longest-spanning windborne-debris-tested translucent glazing system on the market.

Further benefits and details

  • Internal gaskets stop water for long term performance
  • Spans up to 12 meters (39') high, without leak prone intermediate horizontals
  • Designed for long span and high load applications
  • Easy connection to a variety of horizontal building girt configurations
  • Thermally efficient glazing R-3.79 (U=0.264)
  • Glazing available in clear or a variety of colors
  • Fully recyclable system with available LEED points
  • Can be installed from either the exterior or interior side of the building
  • Replaceable lightweight glazing panels are only 0.065 lbs/sf
  • Large missile impact tested to 8’ spans
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Performance Data

  • Meets ASTM E-84 test for Class A material
  • Meets ASTM E-1886 and E-1996 test for hurricane impact / windborne debris at clear spans of 8 feet

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