EFCO - 2 1/4" Curtain Wall - NFRC CMA Approved - System 5600

2 1/4" Curtain Wall - NFRC CMA Approved - System 5600

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2 1/4" Curtain Wall - NFRC CMA Approved - System 5600

EFCO 2 1/4" System 5600 is the benchmark for value and performance in a pressure-wall system. It is offered in a range of system depths and face covers to meet any design specification. Center-tongue outside glazed configurations and offset-tongue inside glazed configurations allow the system to meet the need for labor savings. Available with roll-on horizontals in shear block applications provides decreased fabrication and installation labor, and concealed fasteners.

•Thermal isolator used between exterior and interior extrusions

Improved thermal performance

•Various mullion depths and widths available

Provides design flexibility

•Roll-on horizontals

Concealed fasteners, reduced installation labor

•Wide variety of snap-on face covers

Customize projects with face covers of various depths and profiles

•Optional corner mullions

Allows 90° and 135° inside and outside corners

•Screw spline construction

Allows assembly of sections prior to installation

Decreases installation time

•Shear block construction

Ability to erect on the job site

•Concealed vents

Ability to include ventilation while maintaining the exterior sight line

•Integral door adaptors

Compatible with all 1 3/4" EFCO doors

Contact EFCO Product Technical Services for 2" Doors

•Hip and valley rafters are available with the slope glazed system

Enables complex, slope corner transitions

•Accommodates up to 1 5/16" glazing

Expands design and energy saving options

•Accessory line of perimeter anchors, pocket fillers, door adaptors, etc.

Increased product versatility

•Anodized and painted finishes available

Unlimited options to answer economic and aesthetic concerns

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