Dyson -Dyson Lightcycle™ Task Lights


Multifunctional lighting. With intelligent daylight tracking and light quality that lasts 60 years.¹

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Dyson Lightcycle™ Task Lights

Multifunctional lighting. With intelligent daylight tracking and light quality that lasts 60 years.¹

• Available as floor or desk variant

• 4 lights in 1: task, indirect, feature and ambient

• Dyson daylight tracking: the right type of light for the time of day

• Controlled by the MyDyson™ app: intelligently adjusts for your age and task²

• Heat Pipe technology: maintains light quality for 60 years¹

Key features

Engineered to support well-being

Intelligently adjusts with your daylight, age and task to support optimal illumination throughout the day.

Key technology

Heat Pipe technology. For 60-year light quality.¹

When LEDs overheat, they discolour. We use satelite cooling technology: water inside a vacuum-sealed copper tube draws heat from the LEDs.

Slide-touch controls

Dimming and colour temperature controls let you define your personal light preferences.

Magnetically seals for a comforting glow

Ambient position is made possible by a magnetic sealing mechanism, channeling light through an orange filter and into the perforated stem.

Additional features

Task light

Focused, powerful light. Engineered to help reduce eye strain.⁴

Feature light

High-quality light for showcasing art and decorative features.

Indirect light

Rotate the optical head, for soft background lighting or enhancing the sense of space.

Ambient light

Creates a comforting glow for a relaxing environment, with reduced blue light.

The right light for the time of day

Intellgently tracks the colour temperature and brightness of your local daylight.

Integrated USB-C charger

Provides a convenient device charging point wherever the light is used.

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Color temperature2700K-6500K
Light output1120lm
LED lifetime181,000 hrs¹
Rated power15.8w
Standby power consumption0.5w