Dyson -Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Air Purifier


Purify your business with hot or cooling air, with Dyson purifying fan heaters.

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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Air Purifier

Purify your business with hot or cooling air, with Dyson purifying fan heaters.

  • Fully sealed to HEPA H13 standard¹
  • Removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Proven to capture the Influenza A Virus (H1N1)²


Captures pollutants with HEPA filtration

It's not just the filter that's sealed to HEPA H13 standard, it's the whole purifier.¹ Dyson's advanced 360° HEPA H13 filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air - keeping them sealed in.

Key technology

Fully-sealed to HEPA H13 standard¹

Two phases of purification sit within our fully-sealed filtration and airflow system. To trap pollutants inside, removing them from the air you breathe. Giving you reassurance that what goes inside, stays inside.

Senses and reports

Detects airborne particles and gases, displaying real-time air quality reports on the LCD and MyDyson app.⁵

Hassle-free Auto mode

Automatically reacts to remove pollutants from the air, increasing airflow when it needs to.

Additional features

Easy filter maintenance

Changing the HEPA+Carbon filter is quick and easy, with automatic notifications for each machine on the LCD screen and MyDyson app.⁵

Heats and cools you

Heats the room quickly with powerful air projection. Uses an intelligent thermostat so energy isn't wasted once your target temperature is reached.

20% quieter

Acoustically engineered to reduce turbulence, so it's 20% quieter than the previous model.

Smart technology

Monitor and schedule purifying for each location with the MyDyson app.⁵ And control hands-free with compatible voice services.⁶

Draft-free backward airflow mode

Diverts airflow through the back of the machine. To purify the room, without feeling the airflow or cooling you.

Night mode

Perfect for peaceful working environments or hotel rooms. Monitors and purifies using the quietest settings, with a dimmed display.

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Filter life1 year for HEPA+Carbon filter⁷
Standby power consumption<0.5W
Room coverage81m³ (according to POLAR)
Sound level62dB⁸
Cord length6 ft (1.8m)
Length9.7 in (248mm)
Width9.7 in (248mm)
Height30 in (764mm)
Weight12 lb (5.5kg)