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Equine rubber flooring mats for stables, stalls, racetracks, and more
From premiere race track and commercial stables to farms and vet hospitals, DynaSteed™ is ideal for equine health and well being.

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DynaSteed™ Equine Rubber Flooring

Equine rubber flooring mats for stables, stalls, racetracks, and more
From premiere race track and commercial stables to farms and vet hospitals, DynaSteed™ is ideal for equine health and well being.

A revolutionary therapeutic floor designed to enhance equine health and safety, DynaSteed™ is perfect for all horse-related facilities: surgical and training centers, commercial stables, breeding farms, veterinary clinics. Easy to clean and created to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear, DynaSteed™ is a seamless polyurethane system featuring a strong rubber base mat for greater safety, comfort and resilience. Its poured self-leveling wear coat cures into a tough, flexible membrane which is colored with a hard wearing, mar-resistant structured top coat - making it virtually indestructible! DynaSteed’s seamless, hygienic nature cuts maintenance time and cost by half. Fluids can’t seep to subfloors; there is no curling or shifting. The system offers years of use while maintaining aesthetic appeal - plus its life span can easily be extended through Dynamic’s cost efficient Refinish!

Why DynaSteed™?
  • Anti-fatigue, therapeutic properties support joints, tendons and ligaments, reduce fluid accumulation and shoe wear.
  • Unmatched force reduction for equine athletes; may be fine tuned for surgery rooms, recovery stalls, hoof conditions.
  • Slip resistant and comfortable for standing or laying, reducing or eliminating the need for costly, laborious and unhygienic bedding and other shock absorbing materials.
  • Insulated against damp and cold - no more wet concrete, dirt or uneven floors.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect due to its seamless, non-porous surface; no unwieldy rubber stall mats, pavers or other seamed systems.
  • Safe, resilient drain-through flooring may be custom beveled to direct drainage as desired.
  • Long life span, ease of care and Dynamic Refinish ensures cost-efficiency.
  • Made using recycled materials, system is recyclable.
Every customer has different flooring needs. That’s why we tailor our revolutionary therapeutic surface to your requirements. Choose:
  • Your system thickness, from 8 mm to 20 mm, for desired performance.
  • The surface texture and wear layer you prefer.
  • Customizable force reduction for whatever your needs - recovery, surgery, hoof conditions, etc.
  • Custom beveling available to direct fluid drainage as desired.
  • The right warranty for your investment.
  • Your look! We offer 8+ floor color choices. Or ask about customized color and layout choices.
  • Your specific level of tensile strength and elongation.
  • Option to incorporate seamless, integrated wall padding.

DynaSteed™: revolutionary therapeutic equine flooring with a wide array of applicability for large animal needs, commercial or private, professional or amateur.

Private owners, top equine surgical and rehabilitation veterinarians and more have expressed complete satisfaction with DynaSteed™, endorsing its therapeutic, anti-fatigue benefits.

The Dynamic Story:
We are a premiere, full-service contractor specializing only in high performance and multipurpose flooring solutions. An American company, we take pride in delivering products made entirely in the USA in an ISO 9001-2000 certified facility.

We proudly serve every state in the nation with the most experienced installation technicians in the industry. Our teams install 120+ technologically advanced flooring solutions annually. No subcontractors. And we manufacture, sell and install directly to you, the customer, delivering a better product at a better price.

Environmental stewardship is at the core of the Dynamic philosophy. We create recyclable products from locally sourced materials, re-using existing and rapidly renewable resources. Our VOC compliant, sustainable systems are eligible for LEED points, require fewer chemicals and are installed with Zero-Mercury product formulations.

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