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Reducing Risks & Costs While Saving Time

It is a plug-n-play world and DuraVent Prefab Duct is the Answer! Voice of the customer driven features provide benefits for all involved.

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Grease Duct

Reducing Risks & Costs While Saving Time

It is a plug-n-play world and DuraVent Prefab Duct is the Answer! Voice of the customer driven features provide benefits for all involved.

Installer: prefab eliminates or greatly reduces the need for hard to find, expensive welders. The product is designed to be easy to install and save time.
Project Engineer or Design Build Contractor: supported throughout the project by our Design Team who provide the right product for application at lowest cost.
AHJ/Inspector: benefits from easy inspections due to code compliant no-leak solutions in new or existing buildings.
General Contractor: has a project that will stay on schedule with reduced time on site for the ductwork install.
Architect: has options to save space and provide superior aesthetics due to large product line.
Owner: receives the reduced risks of a fire event occurring or the consequences if it does, as well as reduced maintenance and energy costs.


DuraVent’s Prefab Grease Duct provides benefits that help Owners reduce Expense and Risk. These benefits lower install and lifecycle costs, reduce risks and ensure less long-term headaches. They also reduce the chances for problems and conflicts between other stakeholders including contractors, AHJ’s and engineers working on your project.

Reduced Risks - Superior Warranty - Lower Costs - Install & Lifecycle Expenses
Design, Application, & Training Support

What are the Benefits?

What if you could reduce your risks of leaks during cleaning, operations and a possible fire The DuraVent prefab solution is your zero-leak option. Zero-leaks during cleaning ensures water damage during duct cleaning and subsequent mold aren’t a problem. Grease leaks during operations and fire escaping the duct are not an issue. Safety, IAQ and cleanliness are benefits of DuraVent’s Zero-leak Grease Duct.

What if you could keep the job on schedule without delays and conflicts… Zero leaks and code compliant design support means your job goes smoothly, passes inspection without delays and conflicts and keeps the overall project on-schedule. Contractors, AHJ’s and Engineers have one less source of concern.

What if you could lower installation costs… a long list of Voice of Customer driven features ensures the system is installed quickly and correctly leading to lower costs, higher quality and durability.

Finding good employees will not get easier. A prefab, Plug-N-Play solution, ensures you save time on the jobsite and reduce costs using less skilled, less expensive and more available manpower.

What if you could reduce Life-cycle Expenses… stainless steel inner wall, round design, centering sleeve, no-tool tee cap and access panels are just some of the features that improve energy efficiency, quality and ease of maintenance, and durability. Additionally, there is a limited lifetime warranty

Where to use DuraVent Prefab Duct?

1) Kitchen Proximity to Occupancy - Restaurants on First Floor below occupancy, Education, Hotels, Hospitals, Assisted Living, Childcare

2) Revenue Generating/Business Disruption - Supermarket, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Commercial/Industrial/Mission Critical Food Courts/Cafeterias

3) Financial Risks - Kitchen adjacent to “other” Retail, Occupancy

4) Large Projects - Stadium/Convention Center/Arena/Event Center/Casinos, Cultural/Museum, Historic Buildings & Districts, Music Clubs

Fire-rated (DIS3Z) significantly reducing installation footprint and frees up space for other use. No need to build an expensive fire-rated chase or apply two layers of fire wrap typically required for welded steel grease duct designs.


Available in 5″- 36″; 3″ wall insulation and single wall. DuraStack Pro is now UL 1978 listed for applications where 1″ air insulated, 1″, 2″, or 4″ AES Wool Insulated grease duct is required.


UL1978, UL2221 (2 HR)
IMC, UMC and NFPA96 Code Compliance


Blanket insulation is already installed in the portion that lines up with the outside casing. We provide an insulation band to be field installed behind the outside band.

Goes together with the inner flange and inner locking band (with centering extension). The outer locking band is on the outside for more support, making it a stronger system.


DuraVent, Inc. Model DIS3Z grease ducts have been tested and listed by UL to UL/ULC Standards. UL 1978 Grease Duct and UL2221(2 hr Fire Rating). IMC, UMC and NFPA96 Code Compliance.

Grease Duct is subjected to rigorous and stringent requirements of the UL1978 & UL-2221 standard, including continuous firing at 500°F (260°C), plus 30 minute firing at 2000°F (1093°C).

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