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ES-1 Certified Edge Systems

From the highest wind resistance to lighter duty, our perimeter systems have you covered.

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ES-1 Certified Edge Systems

ES-1 Certified Edge Systems

From the highest wind resistance to lighter duty, our perimeter systems have you covered. Drexel Metals perimeter edge-to-edge and ES-1 complaint systems are built weather-tough with premium quality, heavy-gauge materials and a fully supporting anchor chair that will meet the strictest of standards. The anchor chair is manufactured in continuous lengths and pre-punched, taking the guesswork out of cleat fastener spacing. This unique design prevents sag and supports the coping for a markedly superior installation that's also quick and easy. Spring-Tite copings are precision-engineered to provide maximum wind resistance and eliminate roof edge blow off.

  • Fact: It's estimated that 60% of all litigation claims related to buildings originate from a failure associated with the roofing area. By extension, out of all construction litigation, 36% of all lawsuits are attributed to metal edge failures and that 60% of all roof warranty claims are attributed to metal edge failures! The importance of a proerly designed roof edge system cannot be underestimated or ignored.

  • Fact: Roof Edges typically represent about 1% of the cost of the overall building!

  • Fact: Use and specify only ES-1 Rated Roof Edge Systems.

What's a ES-1 Rated Roof Edge System?

ES-1 is a reference for those who design, specify, fabricate or install low slop roof edges. It's based upon the information in ASCE 7-02" Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. ANSI/SPRI ES-1 provides a calculation and test methose for determining wing uplift pressures on perimeter roof edge terminations.


  • The ability of the roof edge treatment to resist the pull of the roof material inwardly towards the field of the roof.

  • The Resistance of the edge treatment to outward and upward forces which tend to blow or peel edge systems off a building.

  • It's part of the International Building Code...so it's funcational a LAW to use ES-1 perimeter systems however it's not always enforced at the local level.

Ideal Application
Roof Edge for Flat Roofing

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