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Natural Light in the Healthcare Setting Many studies have illustrated that adequate and appropriate exposure to daylight is critical for healthcare facilities.1 The documented benefits are many: Draper FlexShades are an ideal solar control solution for allowing natural light into patient and...

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FlexShades for Healthcare Facilities

FlexShades for Healthcare Facilities

Natural Light in the Healthcare Setting

Many studies have illustrated that adequate and appropriate exposure to daylight is critical for healthcare facilities.1 The documented benefits are many:

  • Reduced depression among patients
  • Decreased length of hospital stays
  • Improved sleep and circadian rhythm
  • Lessened agitation among dementia patients
  • Reduced pain

Draper FlexShades are an ideal solar control solution for allowing natural light into patient and healthcare worker areas, while controlling solar heat gain and glare and allowing views of nature.

Depending upon fabric choice, Draper FlexShades can also provide patient privacy. Fabric selections such as Phifer SheerWeave® PW4800 feature an extra-tight twill weave with a 1% openness factor.

1. Joseph, Anjali (2006). The Impact of Light on Outcomes in Healthcare Settings. The Center for Health Design. www.healthdesign.org.

FlexShades for Healthcare Facilities

FlexShades for Healthcare Facilities

Certified Window Shade Fabrics

Draper FlexShades proudly feature Phifer SheerWeave® fabrics with Microban®. Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. Microban antimicrobial protection is infused into Phifer SheerWeave sun control fabrics for lasting protection that won't wash off or wear away for the lifetime of the shade. SheerWeave Series SW2000/2100/2400/2500/2600/2700/2900 now exclusively include Microban®—no other fabric manufacturer offers this protection.

For more details visit: www.microban.com

FlexShades for Healthcare Facilities

Many Draper shade fabrics are GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM certified materials, indicating that they meet or exceed the strictest standards for indoor air quality where individuals may spend many hours.

Draper's GreenGuard Certified fabrics include SheerWeave Series SW1000/2000/2100/2400/2500/2600/2700/2900/3000/7000, Series PW3500/4100/4400/4500/4600/4550/4650/4800, and Infinity™ by Phifer; and E-Screen, M-Screen, T-Screen, Obion, Vela, and R1 by Mermet.

For the most up-to-date list visit: www.greenguard.org

Dual Roller FlexShades with Fascia

Draper Dual Roller FlexShades feature two independent rollers that allow you to choose two fabrics for different purposes: choose a mesh fabric for a connection to nature and view-through with glare control, and choose a room darkening fabric for privacy.

Dual Roller FlexShades are available in several configurations: with brackets only, with attractive extruded aluminum Fascia, or recess into a pocket or headbox.

Control Options

Draper offers extensive control options for Motorized FlexShades that allow shade operation from certain built-in bed controls. Interfacing with bed controls give patients the ability to control their natural light from the push of a button.

Alternately utilize the Draper Digital Network or SolarFlex to maximize daylight harvesting without glare or excessive solar heat worries.

Draper Digital Network (DDN) — The DDN is a system of window shades with intelligent motors linked to an IP interface box and potentially other input devices such as hospital bed controls, wall switches and sun sensors.

  • Timed functions from an IP interface automate a facility for any needs—i.e., light pollution control at night if seeking a LEED credit
  • Flexible programming and priorities mean that local wall switches can be set at a priority level that works with the automation system
  • Virtual wall switches can be programmed into the IP interface allowing operation of shades from any computer with access

For more information, please visit: www.draperinc.com/go/DDN.htm

SolarFlex — SolarFlex is a network of IntelliFlex® controls operating motors from a central computer terminal.

  • The SolarFlex computer is programmed with the building's blueprint and the location of shades within it
  • Attached to an external sun sensor on the roof, SolarFlex adjusts the shades according to the sun's location

FlexShades for Healthcare Facilities

Duplex Fabrics

Duplex fabrics consist of a woven mesh featuring a light color or reflective coating to the outer (window) side, and a darker color to the room side to provide the best combination of heat control, glare control, and view-through. Duplex fabrics allow your facility to have a consistent exterior appearance.

  • Sun angle (azimuth) tracking software ensures that you get the correct amount of light. With an internet connection, off-site troubleshooting is possible
  • Easy to use, well labeled, single push wall switches and other IntelliFlex input devices can be easily added to the network where needed

For more details, please visit: www.draperinc.com/go/SolarFlex.htm

FlexShades for Healthcare Facilities

FlexShades for Healthcare Facilities

Cleaning and Warranty

Draper Flexshades require no professional cleaning or use of expensive equipment. The hanging nature of the product means little dirt or dust collects on it. When they do require cleaning, most fabrics can be cleaned with a simple solution of mild dishwashing soap and water.

The quality of Draper FlexShades is unmatched. We're so sure that your window shades will look great and work well (and continue to do so) that we are offering a 25-year limited warranty—we just don't think you'll need it.

Draper, Inc. warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship for the following specified warranty periods:

  • 25 years for the interior project for which it was originally purchased from the date of shipment on the mounting hardware, headbox, clutch, fascia and shade fabric for the Draper Manual Flexshade; the Draper Motorized Flexshade; the Draper Motorized Flexshade 2; the Draper Manual Lightbloc; the Draper Motorized Lightbloc; the Draper Manual Skylight; the Draper Motorized Skylight; the Draper Crank Operated Flexshade; and the Draper Colossal Flexshade;
  • 5 years from date of shipment on the controls, electronic accessories and motors for the above products.

For more details, please contact Draper or visit our website at: www.draperinc.com/go/FlexShadeWarranty.htm


Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh: Manual FlexShades featuring Phifer SheerWeave® SW2400 fabric (3% open). Architect: Louis D. Astorino, Pittsburgh, PA. Dealer: Plymouth Interiors, McKees Rocks, PA. Photography © Fred Kenderson, Pittsburgh, PA.

New Castle Dental: Manual FlexShades featuring Phifer SheerWeave® PW4400, New Castle, IN. Installation: Fred Mann, New Castle, IN. Photography © Tony Frederick Photography, Muncie, IN.

SheerWeave is a registered trademark of Phifer, Incorporated. Microban is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company. GREENGUARD is a registered trademark of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. All other trademarks referenced are the property of Draper, Inc.

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