Dow -DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix


1-part silicone with immediate initial strength for Panel Bonding applications.

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DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix

1-part silicone with immediate initial strength for Panel Bonding applications.


  • Factory bonding - In the factory, DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix is used to bond hooks onto the panel, which is then connected on-site to the subframe. With its extensive movement capability, DOWSIL 896 PanelFix can be used with virtually any size of panel, and its high instant green strength eliminates the need for tape.
  • Classic on-site bonding - DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix and DOWSIL™ PanelFix Tape enable direct application of façade panels to the subframe on-site.
  • Very good adhesion properties, with primerless adhesion to a variety of substrates, such as anodized aluminum and mineral substrates
  • Immediate tack upon application
  • High strength once fully cured
  • Ease of use and easy application
  • Application, auditing and warranty support via the Dow QUALITY BOND™ program

The DOWSIL™ PanelFix System features DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix silicone adhesive, an elastic adhesive specifically designed for non-glass panel applications that require high durability and fast handling.

The DOWSIL™ PanelFix System enables easy on-site application of façade panels without the aesthetic drawbacks of mechanical fasteners.

Bond with Confidence in Five Easy Steps

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Typical Properties





Cure System

1-Part Cure

Cure Type

Neutral Cure

Durometer - Shore A

46 Shore A

Flow/Sag (Slump)

0 mm

Modulus @100% Elongation, maximum

145.038 psi



Service Temperature High

150 °C

Service Temperature Low

-50 °C

Shelf Life

360 Days

Special Features

High Uncured Strength

Specific Gravity @ 25°C




Tack-Free Time-50% RH

15 to 20 Minutes

Tensile Strength

> 145.038 psi

Where Used

Factory, Job Site