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The 1816 Telephone Intercom System offers outstanding features that allow the resident to be in charge of their calls and can interface with up to 1200 phone lines.

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1816 Intercom System-Multi

The 1816 Telephone Intercom System offers outstanding features that allow the resident to be in charge of their calls and can interface with up to 1200 phone lines. Ideally suited for apartment buildings, college resident halls, high rise condominiums, office buildings, and public housing authority projects where controlling access into the building is an essential part of a security program

The Model 1816 Telephone Intercom System is a unique communication and access control device that provides two-way voice communication and control of a main entry door through the resident's own telephone without the need of a dedicated Central Office (C.O.) phone line. This capability eliminates the need for costly hard-wired intercom systems, monthly line charges and equipment lease payments. The 1816 also provides communication and control of the door even if the resident does not have central office phone service. The 1816 is ideal for colleges wishing to control access into student Resident Halls, apartment buildings and office buildings.
The 1816 is a component style system that consists of a lobby panel(s), main control cabinet(s) and line interface board(s). The system is built in accordance with the number of telephone lines to be interfaced with.

  • Commercial telephone intercom system.

  • Built-in call waiting.

  • Lobby panel/doorman Caller ID.

  • True full duplex communication.

  • Interfaces with all DKS telephone entry/access control systems.

  • Residents do not need central office (C.O.) telephone service to be connected to system.

  • Directory codes can be programmed to numbers of your choice.

  • No reprogramming required when residents move in or out.

  • Double ring feature identifies lobby panel call.

  • Do-Not-Disturb feature.

  • Call forwarding feature.

  • Interfaces with up to 1200 telephone lines.

  • Full duplex communication.

  • Stores up to 10 preprogrammed call out numbers.

  • Doorman telephone input.

  • Programmable directory codes.

  • 16 VAC, 50 VA power transformer (main cabinet).

  • 16 VAC, 50 VA power transformer (auxiliary cabinet).

  • FCC (US): DUF6VT-12874-OT-T

  • DOC (CAN): 1736 4530 A

  • Compliant with UL 294. ETL listed.

  • Main & Auxiliary Cabinets: 35.25"H x 13.25"W x 5.0"D.

  • Garden Style Cabinets: 21.25"H x 13.25"W x 5.0"D.

  • System requires one (1) main control or garden cabinet, one (1) relay board, one (1) connecting cable and one (1) RJ71C phone block for every 12 phone lines that the system will interface with.


Main cabinet can house up to 13 relays boards to interface with up to 156 phone lines.
Auxiliary cabinet can house up to 16 relay boards to interface with up to 192 phone lines.
Additional auxiliary cabinets can be added as needed, up to 1200 phone lines for the system.
Garden style cabinet will house up to 5 relay boards to interface with up to 60 phone lines.

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No Central Office Necessary
Just plug a touch-tone telephone into the apartment phone jack.
Doorman Telephone
Inputs for high-rise apartment buildings.
Easily expanded with additional line interface boards.
System Components
1816 Cabinets1816 Relay BoardRJ71