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Soil Stabilization Passive steel soil nail system used for slope stabilization.

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Ground Engineering - Soil Retention & Stabilization - GEOTEC™ Steel Soil Nail

Soil Stabilization Passive steel soil nail system used for slope stabilization.

Passive anchor solution for slope stabilization

A Passive Anchors is not pre-tensioned. Applied loads are transmitted from the ground or ground structure directly. A passive anchor does not usually have a free (unbonded) length of tendon.

A typical application for Passive Anchors is the stabilization of soil-covered slopes, which are constantly moving due to gravity. In that case Passive hors are inserted from the face of slope into the stable ground and grouted to provide preventive anchoring in case the soil starts moving.

About our ground anchor fully threaded bar systems

  • Based on high tensile hot-rolled bars with a continuous thread in grades up to 1080/1230 MPa
  • Full range of 7 diameters (20, 25, 32, 36, 40, 50 and 63.5 mm) allowing an optimal fit to your project requirements.
  • Standard accessory systems include plate and nuts, centralizers.
  • Couplers are available to achieve longer tendon length.
  • Single Corrosion Protection is ensured by design by the first grout layer.
  • Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) options: available either factory-grouted or as accessories.
  • Design as per BS EN 1997 (Eurocode 7), BS EN 1537, BS 8081.

Engineering support : Every project is unique. Dextra team supports you on item selection and design of your anchors.
Superior grades : Reduced tonnage, easier handling and smaller bore hole diameters and grout consumption.
Full system : Dextra provides a full comprehensive system inclusive of all corrosion protection accessories.


Retaining walls for excavations are vertical structures that only allow limited deflection. Typically, pre-stressed active anchors are preferred. High strength tendons anchored to the retaining wall on one end and to the ground on the other end through a bulb of pressure injected grout named ‘bond length’.

Slope Stabilization

On soil-covered slopes, soil is constantly moving downslope due to gravity, therefore larger displacement have to be considered. Typically passive anchors are preferred. High strength tendons are fullygrouted from the face of the slope into the stable ground.

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Passive System in Single Corrosion Protection configuration
Passive System in Double Corrosion Protection configuration