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Solid rockbolt made of composite material. Recommended for face bolting.

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Ground Engineering - Tunneling & Mining - FRP Solid Rock Bolt

Solid rockbolt made of composite material. Recommended for face bolting.

Cuttable mining anchor

GEOTEC FRP Solid Rock Bolt is a rock-bolting system based on fully threaded GFRP tendon.

It is especially designed for the following applications:

  • Face-bolting and temporary applications:Cut-ability of FRP makes it the ideal solutions for face bolting or any other tunneling/mining application where further excavation is required.
  • Cohesive Soil & Hard Rock. GEOTEC FRP are installed into pre-drilled holes.
  • Installation with grout or with resincartridges.

Product features

  • 7 diameters available from 20mm to 40mm.
  • Fully threaded profile for optimum mixing and bonding properties.
  • Tensile strength up to 1,000 Mpa.
  • For all diameters, can be delivererd with GFRP plate and nuts.
  • For selected diameters, steel plate and nuts also available.
  • Designed as per BS EN 1997-1; BS EN 1537 and BS 7861-1.

Full system : Dextra provides a full comprehensive system including rod, plane and nuts.
Cuttable systems : By standard earth moving and mining equipment, including the plate/nuts accessories!
Light weight : Easy handling, transportation and installation inside the tunnel.

Cut-able solutions

Cut-able support is mostly used in the longitudinal direction of the tunnel (portal, face) when temporary stabilization is required before moving to the next phase. Also, Mechanized Tunneling is becoming standard in urban areas, especially for underground metro projects. This modern technique is calling for new kind of systems, in particular cut-able reinforcement bars for concrete structures (like Soft-Eyes in D-walls) and cut-able ground anchors.

Radial & lateral support (Roof & Wall)

When building a tunnel by drill & blast or conventional mining, the roof and walls need to be supported. Rock-bolts are the first type of support installed, before any other kind of mesh or lining is applied. Depending on the construction sequence and technology, both temporary and permanent bolts can be offered.

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