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Sonitec is a tube solution invented to facilitate the integrity testing of foundations using the CSL testing method.

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Ground Engineering - Deep Foundation - Sonitec™ CSL Tube System

Easy-to-install sonic tube system for CSL

Sonitec is a tube solution invented to facilitate the integrity testing of foundations using the CSL testing method.

CSL (Cross Sonic Logging) method allows to determine the structural integrity and homogeneity of concrete within diaphragm walls, bored piles, drilled shafts, barrettes, concrete piles or augercast piles.

CSL method requires a transmitter and a receiver to be inserted in parallel water-filled tube down the pile depth in order to propagate and measure the speed of ultrasonic pulses.

Sonitec system have been designed for the sole purpose of facilitating the assembly and installation of long tube lengths in reinforcement cages.

Sonitec has been for more than 20 years the preferred solution of piling and general contractors worldwide to safely and quickly deliver a perfect CSL testing environment.

Product features

  • Sonitec are based on thin black steel tubes available in different diameters and thicknesses. Our standard length is 5.80 meters.
  • Instant connection. A convenient enlarged bell-mouth allows the connection of 2 tubes seamlessly, thus greatly reducing labor cost and project schedule.
  • Waterproof design up to 200 meters. The PUSH-FIT system connection between the mouth and rubber gasket ensures a concrete-tight joint that will maintain the tube integrity and prevent the entry of foreign material. Our tubes are 100% verified in factory for leakage.
  • High loading capacity steel ears welded at regular spacing to tie and lock two tubes together.
  • Compliant with ASTM D6760, the standard method for integrity testing by ultrasonic cross-hole testing.

100% factory tested : For leakage at our factory
Instant reconnection : by hand, no welding.
2 million meters : installed worldwide each year


  • Simply the fastest way to build a CSL testing environment.
  • Safe reconnection. No special tooling and no welding required.
  • Especially recommended for the assembly of prefabricated cages which have been previously equipped with Sonitec tubes.
  • For more advanced applications, additional accessories and FRP tube version also available. Please refer to documentation.

For micro and mini piles

By definition, micro and mini piles are respectively less than 300mm and 1,000mm of diameter. These narrow-profile foundations require high steel grade reinforcement bars to develop the strength with minimum space. Micropiles based on fully-threaded bar systems are the best answer to this need, and come even in “Double Corrosion Protection” (a.k.a DCP) for permanent structures or aggressive grounds.

For macro piles

The fastest and safest way to splice steel cages for deep foundations is by using rebar couplers (see solutions). To complement our rebar splicing offer for foundation piles & cages, Dextra also supplies solutions for the concrete integrity testing of foundations, which is usually required. The most common way to proceed is by “Cross-Hole Sonic Logging” using probes together with Sonitec™, a thin-wall steel pipe system featuring a push-fit assembly.

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Product features