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Compact high-performance mini-pile system to minimize bore holes diameters.

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Ground Engineering - Deep Foundation - Micropile Systems

Compact high-performance mini-pile system to minimize bore holes diameters.

Compact mini-pile system based on FT bars

Also known as minipiles, micropiles are deep foundation elements made of high strength, small-diameter steel casing and/or threaded bars.

Micropiles can be used as a temporary or a permanent solution. They can work in tension, compression or both.

This page focuses on the Geotec Micropile systems, which is based on high-performance fully threaded steel bars.

If your project plans on using cages of standard rebar for micropiles instead of high-performance steel, please refer to our Rebar Coupler system page for more information on thread and coupler systems.

About our fully threaded steel bar systems

  • Based on hot rolled bars with continuous thread. Bars available in 3 grades (555/700, 830/1030, 930/1080) and6 diameters (25, 32, 38, 40 and 63.5 mm). For more information about loads, please refer to our documentation.
  • Standard accessory systems include plate, nuts and centralizers.
  • Couplers are available to achieve longer tendon length. Those can be connected at any point of the bar.
  • Single Corrosion Protection is ensured by design by the first grout layer.
  • Additional accessories for Double Corrosion Protection system (sleeves and caps) also available by Dextra.
  • Multi-bar systems accessories also available.
  • Designed as per FHWA-IF-03-017, FHWA-SA-96-069 and HK GEOGUIDE 7.

Engineering support : Every project is unique. Dextra teams support the system selection and drafting of your anchors.
Strong… advantages : Higher grades reduce tonnage, ease handling and reduce bored hole diameters, generating savings on concrete consumption.
Full system : Dextra provides a full comprehensive system inclusive of all corrosion protection accessories and multi-tendon systems.

For micro and mini piles

By definition, micro and mini piles are respectively less than 300mm and 1,000mm of diameter. These narrow-profile foundations require high steel grade reinforcement bars to develop the strength with minimum space. Micropiles based on fully-threaded bar systems are the best answer to this need, and come even in “Double Corrosion Protection” (a.k.a DCP) for permanent structures or aggressive grounds.

For macro piles

The fastest and safest way to splice steel cages for deep foundations is by using rebar couplers (see solutions). To complement our rebar splicing offer for foundation piles & cages, Dextra also supplies solutions for the concrete integrity testing of foundations, which is usually required. The most common way to proceed is by “Cross-Hole Sonic Logging” using probes together with Sonitec™, a thin-wall steel pipe system featuring a push-fit assembly.

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Micropile systems based on high-performance FT bars