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Aesthetic and highly-performing hollow system working in compression

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Engineered Bar Systems - Roofs & Facades - Compression Struts Systems

Aesthetic and highly-performing hollow system working in compression

Supporting structures in compression

Dextra Compression Strut used in the support of heavy metallic structures, such as airport roof terminals.

Each compression strut is composed of high-performance carbon steel Circular Hollow Section, assembled to fork ends via threaded studs. Forks connect directly to gusset plate welded directly on the steel structure.

Dextra compression struts allow final length adjustments at each end of the system by rotating the forks.

Full support: design to installation.

  • Dextra supports your designer team in the early stage of your project for the design of perfect support assemblies. BIM tools are also available on AutoCAD and Tekla softwares to draw a perfect structure.
  • 2 alternative designs: Architectural, which offer smoother lines and an extra neck collar, and non-architectural.
  • 2 grades available: 355 and 450. Pick higher grade to ease installation and get thinner structure.
  • 26 diameters ranging from M13 to M113 (threaded stud) / 42mm to 356 (Circular Hollow Section).
  • Design references: BS EN 1993 (Eurocode 3), ANSI/AISC 360-05, AS 4100

Wide range : 2 designs. 2 grades. 23 diameters. Find the right match for your structure.
Engineering support : Dextra teams support the drafting of your system
Full Traceability : Full identification from drawing to individual bar/part labeling.


  • Optimization at every step! Our strong experience in architectural bar systems allow us to optimize your assemblies based on a number of parameters such as the ease of installation, structure appearance, steel tonnage and more.
  • We know the reality of the construction site. Therefore our compression struts are built in with an adjustment tolerance at each fork (from 10 to 30mm), allowing to shorten/extend your assembly length to get a perfect fit.
  • Excellent packing standards with bars and accessories safely fastened in containers. Strong shipping experience thanks to our sister company Dextra Transport.

Dextra designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes highly efficient construction solutions that answer the evergrowing technical requirements and challenges of contractors and consulting firms worldwide.

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