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Support system for tie rods installed on sheet pile walls.

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Engineered Bar Systems - Marine & Riverbanks - Waling Beam Systems

Support system for tie rods installed on sheet pile walls.

Steel system installed on sheet pile walls

Waling beams are used in combination with tie bars for anchoring sheet pile walls. They allow to spread the load on sheet pile and to concentrate them onto the tie bars.

Waling beams and tie bars therefore form a system with strong compatibility with one another.

Whenever possible, Dextra strongly recommends that waling beam and marine tie bars be designed together by Dextra to optimize performance, compatibility and simplify project management.

Our solution from design to installation

Dextra will support you on the design of your system. Parts will be delivered with the necessary labeling to allow identification on drawings. A full system is composed of:

  • Waling beams. The selection of waling beam will impact your tie bars system length.
  • Spacers and Stiffeners. Welded parts positioned at a specific spacing and welded to beams.
  • Splicing plates and bolts. Required to achieve longer beam length.
  • Waling bolts. The position of waling bolts will depend on beam profile and tie bars spacing.
  • Bearing plates. Allow the fitting of the bolts and the load distribution.
  • Support brackets (optional). Temporary support of the beam, welded to sheet pile wall.

3 steel grades : Up to 700/900
Various diameters : From M24
40+ sea ports : Supplied worldwide


  • Design and experience. Dextra designs full systems of waling beams and tie bars following your project requirements and ensures both systems are optimized and compatible.
  • Control over delivery sequence. Dextra guarantees you will receive all the equipment in the correct sequence to avoid any site down time or unnecessary storage cost.
  • Excellent packing standards of your beams and accessories, with all goods safely fastened in containers.
  • Consistency in the communication and documentation is ensured thanks to individual part labeling matching plan layout drawings provided by Dextra.

Dextra designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes highly efficient construction solutions that answer the evergrowing technical requirements and challenges of contractors and consulting firms worldwide.

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