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Full anchoring system engineered for marine applications.

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Engineered Bar Systems - Marine & Riverbanks - Tie Bars Systems

Full anchoring system engineered for marine applications.

Full marine structure anchoring system

Marine Tie Bars systems can be found on large port and river projects. They act as an anchorage to tie back a sea wall to an anchor wall. Steel bars come with anchorage accessories capable of connecting to the marine wall while remaining easy to install.

Our solution from design to installation

  • Engineering: Dextra receives your project requirements and helps you to design and specify an optimized solution.
  • Bar range includes three steel grades, up to a yield stress of 700Mpa and 22 thread diameters, up to M162, allowing a close match to the performance requirements and economic use of material.
  • Standard range of anchorage components and in-line bar connectors, allowing easy installation as well as connection to all kinds of marine walls.
  • Corrosion protection options available.
  • Design references: EN 1993-5 (Eurocode 3)

3 steel grades : Up to 700/900
22 diameters : Up to threads M162
40+ sea ports : Supplied worldwide


  • Individual labelling of bars and accessories combined with Dextra installation drawing ease installation and allow for full material traceability.
  • Engineering & Product: Dextra can support your designer team in the early stage of the project and offer product as well as general installation and engineering advice.
  • Excellent packing standards with bars and accessories safely fastened in containers.

Dextra designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes highly efficient construction solutions that answer the evergrowing technical requirements and challenges of contractors and consulting firms worldwide.

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