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Aesthetic and highly-performing rod system working in tension.

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Engineered Bar Systems - Bridges & Viaducts - Tension Rods Systems

Aesthetic and highly-performing rod system working in tension.

Supporting structures in tension

Dextra’s Tension Rods systems are usually purchased complete with fork end clevises suitable for connection to the host structure. Typical applications include hangers and supports, cross bracing and truss stiffening elements.

A number of different strength grades and surface finishes are available from Dextra to fit all project technical and aesthetic requirements.

Customized architectural solutions for outstanding projects

  • Design Support: Dextra can support and advise in the early stages of a project, through to completion. BIM and CAD tools are available to aid the integration of the Dextra system into the structure.
  • Three grades of carbon steel are available up to a yield strength of 700 Mpa. Higher grades result in a more cost effective solution with smaller bar diameters and easier installation.
  • Two grades of a full stainless steel range with thread diameters M16 to M98 are also available, should this be required by the aesthetics of the project.
  • 20 different rod thread sizes in various steel grades.
  • Length adjustment is possible at the turnbuckle for all diameters, as well as at each Fork and Spade to match site requirements.
  • Design references: EN 1993 (Eurocode 3).

Wide range : 3+2 Steel grade available in 20 diameters.
Engineering support : Dextra engineers available for support and advice
Full Traceability : Full identification from drawing to individual part labelling.


  • Optimization at every step! Our strong experience in architectural systems allow us to optimize your assemblies based on a number of parameters such as design load, serviceability considerations, ease of installation, appearance, corrosion resistance, etc.
  • Both short and long tendons are available by connecting individual bars with couplers or turnbuckles. (Dextra has delivered tendons over 50m in length!).
  • Excellent packing standards with rods and accessories safely fastened in containers.

For bridges and viaducts construction, Dextra offers post-tensioning bar systems that can be used for both permanent or temporary applications. Our range takes advantage of both fully-threaded bars and smooth bar and includes all required accessories to perform applications such as the post-tensioning of heavy structure or temporary heavy-lifting operations.

For projects requiring hanger bars, Dextra tension bar sytems are also available.

All our bridges and viaducts solutions are complemented by the services of a fully dedicated design team which provide engineering support for our customer's projects.

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