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Cast-In-Place Light rebar coupler solution based on threaded bar ends prepared with a single machine.

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Concrete Reinforcement - Rebar Splicing - Rolltec®

Cast-In-Place Light rebar coupler solution based on threaded bar ends prepared with a single machine.

Light and productive rebar coupler solution

Rolltec® is a rolled-parallel threaded mechanical splicing system designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars from Ø12 to 50 mm (ASTM #4 to #18).

Rolltec® solution is supported by a single rebar preparation equipment, which is operated by a single operator.

Rolltec® couplers comply with ACI 318, IBC 2006, BS 8110, Eurocode 2, DIN 1045, CalTrans, ASME Sec III Div 2.

Product features

  • A standard Rolltec® connection is made of parallel-thread rebar coupler and two bars where threads have previously been formed by cold-rolling.
  • Rolltec® bar preparation is made in sequence by a highly productive equipment which peels and form threads in sequence in a single operation. Only one man is needed to operate the machine!
  • Rolltec® threads on the rebar can be extended from a half-coupler to a full-coupler length, allowing to use the very same coupler for positional applications (no need to rotate bars to perform the connection).

Single operator : For high productivity results.
30sec : machine cycle, peeling/rolling in sequence.
No torque wrenching : required on site.


  • Practical and simple alternative to laps.
  • Shorten construction cycle times.
  • Parallel-thread technology:No torque wrenching at a specific value required.
  • Precast and Headed Bars ready: take advantage of Groutec threads to connect Groutec precast coupler or Headed Bar aanchorages.

Well known in the construction industry, Dextra rebar splicing solutions allow to swiftly connect reinforcement bars of various grades and diameters. Our range is divided into 3 applications:

  • Cast-In-Place Mechanical splicing solutions allowing fast, high-performance and reliable rebar connections thanks to their parallel-thread system. Prior preparation of the rebar is done thanks to a highly productive Dextra equipment or directly by sourcing prepared rebar from one of our distributors.
  • Precast Solutions which allow the connection of precast elements together without the needs of wet in situ joints.
  • Repair Solutions which do not require the bars to be prepared, can be operated with light tools and require a minimal bar length.

Our mechanical splicing solutions are accredited by major independent regulatory bodies in all continents.

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