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Cast-In-Place Popular rebar coupler solution taking advantage of enlarged threaded bar ends.

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Concrete Reinforcement - Rebar Splicing - Bartec®

Cast-In-Place Popular rebar coupler solution taking advantage of enlarged threaded bar ends.

World's most popular rebar splicing solution

Bartec® is a full performance (tension / compression / cyclic / fatigue) rebar splicing system designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars from Ø12 to 50mm (ASTM #4 to #18).

Bartec an ACI 318 Type 2 splice recommended for splicing applications including those in a seismic environment.

BARTEC® system is designed to withstand an ultimate tensile performance up to 800 MPa, thus resulting in Bar Break performance on most of the rebar available on the market.

Product features

  • A standard Bartec® connection is made of a parallel-thread rebar coupler and two bars whose end have previously been enlarged before being threaded: thus the cross section of the bar isn’t reduced.
  • Solution supported by 3 high-productivity machines which prepare each bar in sequence: clean square cutting bar end enlarging by cold forging threading.
  • Thread on the rebar can be extended from a half-coupler to a full coupler length, allowing to use the very same coupler for positional applications (no need to rotate bars to perform the connection).

Reliable : and stable machine process
High productivity : containerized equipment
2,500 projects : successfully delivered in more than 20 years.


  • Simplify your inventory: A single standard coupler for most applications.
  • No reduction of cross-section area of the bar, making your coupler connection a strong point of the structure.
  • Working in tension/compression thanks to its parallel-thread technology.
  • Joints verified by visual inspection with no requirement to induce a specific torque value.

Well known in the construction industry, Dextra rebar splicing solutions allow to swiftly connect reinforcement bars of various grades and diameters. Our range is divided into 3 applications:

  • Cast-In-Place Mechanical splicing solutions allowing fast, high-performance and reliable rebar connections thanks to their parallel-thread system. Prior preparation of the rebar is done thanks to a highly productive Dextra equipment or directly by sourcing prepared rebar from one of our distributors.
  • Precast Solutions which allow the connection of precast elements together without the needs of wet in situ joints.
  • Repair Solutions which do not require the bars to be prepared, can be operated with light tools and require a minimal bar length.

Our mechanical splicing solutions are accredited by major independent regulatory bodies in all continents.

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