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Precast >> Allow the connection of precast concrete columns, panels and beams. Site assembly is performed by grout injection.

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Concrete Reinforcement - Precast Connection - Groutec®

Precast >> Allow the connection of precast concrete columns, panels and beams. Site assembly is performed by grout injection.

Precast element connection made easy!

Groutec is a mechanical splicing designed for the connection of precast elements.

Each Groutec sleeve features a threaded end (used for the connection to reinforcement at the precast factory) and a wide cavity to perform a grout connection at site.

Groutec is designed and manufactured in compliance with Eurocode 2, BS 8110, ACI 318, IBC, AASHTO.

Product features

  • Available in two versions (Slim "S" and Large tolerance "L") for fit your design and manufacturing process.
  • Compatible with ribbed or deformed reinforcing bars in diameters from Ø12 to 40 mm, in grades up to 550 MPa (80 ksi).
  • Groutec can connect bars prepared with any of Dextra thread systems: Rolltec, Bartec, Fortec and Griptec.
  • At the construction site, connection is made in a few seconds by injecting/pouring non-shrink grout into the cavity.
  • Horizontal or vertical connections, in upper or lower element, Groutec can do it all!

Freedom : Our solution is compatible with grouting mortars that can be sourced close to you and at a lower cost.
Grout injection: 5s. : Make the connection in no-time by injecting non-shrink grout.
Bracing: 3 days only. : Once filled with grout, bracing around the element can be removed after only 3 days.

Main benefits

  • Engineered, tested and compatible with major non-shrink grout brands easily available on the market: Sika, Parex-Davco, Fosroc, BASF and Pozament. Reduce overall cost and simplify sourcing.
  • At the precast factory, fast and precise installation thanks to Groutec threaded end. Take advantage of the full range of accessories available to simplify your precasting process.
  • At site, large axial misalignment is tolerated thanks to Groutec wide cavity.
  • Fast: Inject or poor grout into the cavity in less than 5 seconds. Bracing can be removed after 3 days.

Precast construction method allows significant gains in productivity by engineering and standardizing elements which are mass-produced in plants thanks to modern production lines before being assembled at their final location at site. With that objective of productivity in mind, Dextra engineers and manufactures high-performance precast connections which are convenient to set up for precasters and fast to install on the construction site.

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