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Advanced Carbon Reinforced Fiber Polymer solutions the support of existing buildings.

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Concrete Reinforcement - Composite FRP - ASTEC™ Carbon Repair & Strengthening

Advanced Carbon Reinforced Fiber Polymer solutions the support of existing buildings.

Retrofit structural solutions based on CFRP

ASTEC Carbon Solutions is a range of 3 products based on the same innovative composite material: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer. ASTEC CFRP offer amazing properties: 4 times the tensile performance of steel for only 1/4 of the weight.

In the past 20 years have emerged new structural applications for Carbon fiber based elements:

Product features

  • ASTEC CFRP Repair & Strengthening range is available in 3 forms: laminate, tape and rod.
  • Laminate: 50 or 100mm width with thickness of 1.4mm for an ultimate tensile load up to 336 kN.
  • Tape: 16mm width and available in two thicknesses foran ultimate tensile load of 140 kN.
  • Rod: 3 diameters up to 218 kN ultimate tensile load capacity. Our rod solution features innovative connectors to allow the installation as PT applications.
  • Designed as per ACI440.2R-08 , ACI440.74, ACI-440.7R and FIB Task group 9.3. Tested as per ACI 440-3R-12.

Aerospacial : Grade material
High weight to strength : 4x the performance of steel for only 25% of the weight.
Minimum visual impact : Extremely thin solutions that can be hidden into cut grooves.


  • Fast to install.
  • Cost effective.
  • Durable: no maintenance, no post inspection.
  • Limited visual impact, thanks to a compact size and applications where the CFRP is hidden into a cut groove.
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions.
  • Also fits wooden structures.

Abour FRP

Dextra engineers and manufactures innovative structural solutions based on high-tensile FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) bars and profiles. Those solutions can be either made Glass-Fiber based (GFRP) or Carbon-Fiber based (CFRP).

What is ASTEC® FRP?

ASTEC® is Dextra’s trademark promoting unique FRP solutions developed and manufactured by Dextra. The brand ASTEC® is for our customer the guarantee of high performances and compliance with the world's most stringent requirements.

Why using FRP?

Applications made with composite FRP material usually take advantage of the following material characteristic:

  • Light weight compared to steel while offering very high-tensile performances.
  • Fully resistant to corrosion.
  • Cut-able by standard earth removal equipment and Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).

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External Bonding Reinforcement (EBR), where a carbon laminate is applied on the surface to increase the flexural and shear strength of the member.

NSM (Near Surface Mount) applications, where a carbon rod or tape is inserted in a cut groove with cement grouting or epoxy adhesive. NSM offers a gain of 4.8x the flexural strength compared to EBR technique.

External post-tensioning applications, where a carbon rod is installed below a concrete member thanks to state-of-the-art splicing system.