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Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) provides increased safety against terrorists using vehicles as weapons.

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Delta HD200 High Security Barrier

ASTM M30/P1 Crash Rated Barrier

Installation Design: Shallow Foundation Barrier
Model #: HD200

Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) provides increased safety against terrorists using vehicles as weapons.

The breakthrough HD200, was built for high traffic locations requiring rapid emergency fast operation (EFO) rates and open/close cycles. With a 0.63 second EFO and a 2-5 second normal operation rate, the HD200 is the fastest operating standard vehicle barrier in the market. In addition, it features a crash rating of ASTM M30/P1. That means it will bring to a full stop a 7.5 ton (6803.9 kg) medium duty truck travelling 30 mph (48.3 kph) in less than 3.3 feet (1 meter). In fact, the truck rebound after impacting the barrier was an incredible 11.5 feet.

“The HD200 is truly a breakthrough vehicle barrier,” explains Greg Hamm, Delta Scientific vice president, marketing and sales. “A vehicle moving at 30 mph will travel 44 feet per second. With a 0.63 second EFO speed, if triggered within 50 feet of the barrier, will still stop and destroy the attacking vehicle. As the tragedy in Nice has warned so many security professionals, we need to be aware of vehicle attacks. Especially in high traffic locations, we need high speed open/close rates to get the many vehicles in and out. Likewise, in densely occupied locations, we need very fast closing rates to protect the people. In high volume locations, the barrier is open much of the time. Therefore, when the location is heavily populated as well, we need the barrier to open and close frequently but, as importantly, close quickly.”

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